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Capitalizing on an Employee Stock Option Plan

Employee Stock Option Plans grant stock options to employees of a company and many organizations use them to compensate, retain and attract employees. Stock options give employees a sense of ownership in the company by offering employees the right to buy a certain amount of company shares at a predetermined …

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Save Money: Perks & Discounts For Spring Members

Becoming a Member at Spring comes with a whole bundle of opportunities for growing entrepreneurs. For example, you can talk strategy with our Entrepreneur in Residence; get legal, accounting, and insurance advice from partners; and attend exclusive startup events in the Vancouver area.

We’ve also partnered up with a whole range of companies that offer useful services, tools, and products to offer you a selection of perks and benefits that will help you save money whilst building your business. Check them out below!

Feeding Growth - Spring Partners
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Catering to your Conscious Food and Beverage Business

Starting a food and beverage business is not easy. It can be even more challenging when you are producing a socially conscious, and progressive product. But with the right support, foodpreneurs can successfully build and grow their progressive food businesses. Feeding Growth Meet our incredible new partner, Feeding Growth. An initiative …

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Real World Projects, Real World Impact

As a startup or small business, aside from trying to make a difference in the world with your product or service, many of us have little time or resources to dedicate to website or app development or extensive marketing efforts. It can also be a challenge to find the right …

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Collaborative Capital Raising Programs for Women Entrepreneurs

Despite rising interest, women are still underrepresented and underserved as investors — barriers to entry seem high, and knowing where and how to start can be difficult. The RAISE Collective is a community of female investors whose purpose is to change the gender ratio in innovation and funding by leveling …

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Top Tactics to Promote Your Mobile App through Social Platforms

By APP-SCOOP  It will be 10 years for the biggest industry on this planet in 2018 – the Mobile App Ecosystem. It consists of millions app developers and billions of smartphone owners who use mobile apps daily and make this industry thrive. The Statistica forecast states that there will be …

sana kapadia and maxine bulloch at spring
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WTF – What the Finance: The A, B, Cs and 1, 2, 3-6s of Startup Funding

By Kwang Lim and James Struthers, Bennett Jones LLP So, you’ve identified the problem your company will solve, defined your market segment, polished your business plan, drafted your pitch deck, and practiced in front of the mirror, your dog, your niece, and your cactus. Tough crowds. After completing all these …

Spring Activator Weekly Idea Roundup
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Weekly Funding Roundup: November 17th, 2017

Hi everyone, check out the newest installment of our Funding link roundup. Here are some resources that may help out those in the process of raising money for their business. Enjoy!   Example of an effective angel network While there are a number of high-quality angel networks, it can be …

Weekly Idea Roundup Spring
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Weekly Funding Roundup: November 3rd, 2017

  Hi everyone, the weekly funding round-up is back with a couple of great items   Do you have European investors in your target list? This new website, started in The Netherlands, could be a fit. Looks like a great complement to AngelList. Try and let me know what you think – …

The Comprehensive Co-founder's Handbook - Chin Hing Chang
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The Comprehensive Co-founder Handbook

Writted by fellow startup founders and advisors. This handbook will cover everything you need to know from A-Z on finding and forming the perfect founding team for your startup. DOWNLOAD YOUR FREE CO-FOUNDER HANDBOOK Here’s the Table of Contents What is a Co-founder Why a Team Outsourcing/Contracting vs. Hiring/Founding Teams …