Our Programs

  • The first step in your journey as an entrepreneur

    Our 5-week Inspire program focuses on bringing clarity to your business idea; it will set the foundation for your startup by providing the tools and methodologies to launch in your market. Whether you are a student, a recent graduate, or a career changer, you will learn all you need to determine if your business idea has potential, and how to start turning that idea into a profitable business.

    Graduate With

    • Clear definition of the problem you’re solving
    • A selected target customer base
    • A completed Business Model Canvas
    • An elevator pitch and supporting story
    • Customer discovery questionnaire
    • First customer interviews completed
    • A path to validate the idea and next steps
    • Preliminary MVP design
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  • Take your business plan and launch it

    You’ve validated that the market really has a problem, you believe that your solution is actually solving it, and you’re ready to launch and gain initial customers. What’s next? Our 8-week Launch program is designed to help you get your product in the market and into the hands of early adopters. We will provide you with the tools and knowledge to prepare yourself and launch your company out into the world.

    Graduate With

    • 90 day, 180 day, and 1-year plans
    • Having engaged in the right channels (social and otherwise)
    • Having launched and acquired your first few users
    • A plan for how to bring onboard your first few employees
    • Answers to your burning legal and accounting questions
    • Understanding how to price and sell your product/service
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  • Increase revenue, expand your team, and prepare for growth

    Now that you’ve launched and have started building a customer base and brand ambassadors, how do you take your business to the next level? Our 12-week Grow program is designed to polish your company and prepare you for an accelerator or put you in a favourable condition for raising capital.

    Graduate With

    • Knowledge on how to manage a team
    • Customer sales structure for your startup (strategy + execution)
    • A plan for optimizing operations and streamlining finances
    • Growth Hacking and Community Building knowledge
    • Comprehensive marketing strategy and knowledge of best practices
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  • Get investor ready and raise your round with dedicated support from Spring

    Immerse yourself in our intensive 6-week Capital Raising program, where successful applicants refine their pitch, understand the importance of strategic investors, build out their investment package, learn tips and tricks on negotiation, and receive overall strategic advisory and mentorship services. We also make curated introductions to facilitate the round.

    Graduate With

    • Clear understanding of the process of raising money for your business
    • A strategy with consideration of equity and non-equity sources
    • A pre-negotiation valuation set for your business
    • A budget and forecast for planning and due diligence
    • A pitch deck with supplemental material for presenting and sharing with investors
    • A developed and managed investor sales funnel focused on high value investors
    • Targeted introductions to investor made and/or supported
    • Targeted introductions to nondilutive (debt, grant, contest) sources of funding
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