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We provide impact entrepreneurs with the tools, training, resources, network, and support to help them validate their idea, launch their business, grow and raise funds.

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Are you an early stage impact entrepreneur?
Are you seeking funding for your impact startup?
Are you looking to immigrate to Canada?

Are you an early-stage impact entrepreneur?

The Discovery Foundation Business Activate Program provides the resources, skills and mentorship you need to grow a thriving impact business.

Learn at your own pace

Entrepreneur life is busy – which is why we curated this hybrid program. Tune in live for connection and mentorship, then fit in the virtual masterclasses and worksheets when you can.

Learn how to wear all the hats

The role “Entrepreneur” has no job description… This is why we introduce a fresh sprint topic and complementary webinar every single month. Plus, chat 1:1 with mentors to expand on learnings.

Zero in on impact & results

The teachings are actionable and rooted in the belief that growth is not at the expense of impact, but rather, complementary to it. Plus, you’ll achieve it all alongside our supportive community! 

Are you seeking funding for your startup?

The Impact Investment Challenge provides you the resources, connections and support you need to raise capital for your impact startup.

Connect meaningfully with investors and entrepreneurs

Gain insights on the investor mindset, including what investors look for and care about when investing. Plus, join a supportive community of entrepreneurs and impact investors.

Polish your pitch and leverage your impact

Learn the in-and-outs of deal mechanics and how to position your business for an exit. You’ll also polish up your pitch and leverage the impact component of your venture.

Get the chance to earn a $100k+ investment

Catalyze your launch into fundraising, with a chance to win a $100K+ investment. Whether you win it all or simply participate in the Top 15 – expect to catalyze your fundraising journey.

Are you an entrepreneur looking to immigrate to Canada?

The Impact Startup Visa Program helps you solidify your impact business in Canada and supports your application for Permanent Residency.

Immigrate to Canada & join a supportive community

Immigrate with your business and family through the Canada’s Start-Up Visa immigration channel. Plus, join a supportive community of startups and ecosystem players upon arrival. 

Setup your business for success in Canada

Familiarize yourself with the ecosystem, consumer behaviour and business culture in Canada. Plus, access personalized training and mentorship from experts and fellow entrepreneurs.

Scale your business and your impact

Learn to better define and measure your business’ impact. Understand the process of raising capital to fund your growth and/or pave the path to launch.

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From networking, to learning and understanding our programs on a deeper level - our events include a wide range of topics and formats to support your business.