Capital Raising


Upfront$1500/month + GST

Program Additions

Fee on Round Close1% of the capital raised in the round (min. raised $200,000)
Advisory$150 per session with Spring advisors


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Get investor ready and raise your round with dedicated support from Spring

Immerse yourself in our intensive 6-week Capital Raising program, where successful applicants refine their pitch, understand the importance of strategic investors, build out their investment package, learn tips and tricks on negotiation, and receive overall strategic advisory and mentorship services. We also make curated introductions to facilitate the round.

Who is This For:

This program is designed for early stage, for-profit companies, across a wide range of industries. Generally, companies are at that stage of their of their lifecycle in which they have already launched their product or service, or at just at the cusp of doing so. Ideally, the company has already started to generate revenue and/or has equivalent user validation, and you are ready to seek external sources of funding to help accelerate your growth, with a target of raising capital in the next 6 months (i.e. in the planning stages of your investment strategy). It is a curated program which ensures the cohort gels and enables the Spring team to give dedicated, directional support as you gear up to raise this round of institutional capital.


  • To provide entrepreneurs with the knowledge on how to raise capital for their business; covering all forms of capital including equity, debt, grant, contest, and revenue
  • To work through common mistakes and inefficiencies that may happen in a first-time capital raise
  • To find the right investors, optimizing strategic value for you and the company
  • To provide the impact lens perspective and instilling impact frameworks
  • To provide overall strategic advisory services
  • To make curated introductions

Process and Outcomes:

The program takes you through the funding process, in an interactive format where each week, we build on a foundation of learning and tools. It comprises:

  • A diverse series of lectures, workshops, and interactive sessions led by Spring lecturers and guest speakers
  • A series of videos, readings, and other content (no additional cost for books or video materials)
  • A capital raising plan set in motion from the program’s onset, with weekly deliverables
  • In session work-shopping of commonly experienced pain points along the funding spectrum (e.g. due diligence, paperwork differences, financial forecasts, etc)
  • Sharing of best practices related to investment processes, deliverables, negotiations
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