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Is Kick for you?

We’re searching for ambitious entrepreneurs of all types: for-profits and non-profits, and hybrid models. Whether you’ve already launched and simply need clarity on how to move forward, or you’re in the ideation of your business, our Kick curriculum provides applicable learnings for all stages.

Kick is your business incubator, here to help you through the difficult path from idea to launched startup. So if any of the above was relevant to you, then yes you’re ready.

Kick Curriculum

Session 1: Goal Setting – Connect your 5 year vision with your daily actions by assessing where you are and how Kick can best help you. This guides all future action.

Session 2: Business Model Canvas – Go beyond the BMC to see where true growth is and can be. Determine what your value proposition is and start formulating a master plan.

Session 3: Learn Metrics –  Create an MVP to minimize wasted time, energy and money. Focus on most important factors: how much and how fast you can learn.
Session 4: Customer Discovery – ”Get out of the building” (a.k.a. go talk to real live people!) to get a sense of demand. We live and breathe customer discovery.
Session 5: Startup Sales – Build a sales process to scale fast.

Session 6: Lean Marketing – Create a compelling marketing and branding strategy on a startup budget.

Session 7: Operations – How to hire, get legal help and take advantage of grants.
Session 8: Fundraising – Learn how to get the funding you need by learning to pitch.




Post Revenue

Hear what Kicksters Are Saying

Hear what entrepreneurs just like you have gained by becoming Kicksters.

We’re officially part of the summer cohort of Entrepreneur Round Table accelerator in New York City.

Couldn’t have done it without Kick.

Jennifer Li

CEO, MuseFind

“Spring team, you guys are awesome. Thanks for the opportunity you gave us in Venezuela to take the Kick program. I am glad I was able to meet all of you. Spring has enabled me to learn how to evaluate my projects from another perspective, and let me make networking with people all around the world. I am now on a path geared for success, and a member of a great network such as Kick. Many thanks for all your support.” Jesús Penaloza

CEO, Pago en Red

“Spring has enabled me to re-evaluate how to start Daovita, check my assumptions, and provided me with some top notch connections. I am now on a path geared for success. Most of all I’m appreciative of the overwhelming support and consideration of every entrepreneur in the room.” Evan Sidwell

Founder, Daovita

“Taking Kick allowed us to focus 100% on our customer and validate our ideas before investing into product development. This led to rapid growth and allowed us to launch with multiple paying customers and an aggressive growth plan. “ Mike Moll

CEO, My Green Space

Connect with the Kick Mentor Network

Get customer introductions and advice from a growing network of founders, specialists, advisors, and investors.

Ryan Spong

Ryan Spong

CEO, Foodee

Alexandra Greenhill

Alexandra Greenhill

CEO/Cofounder, MyBestHelper

Ambrosia Vertesi

Ambrosia Vertesi

VP Human Resources Leader, Hootsuite

Lisa Von Sturmer

Lisa Von Sturmer

CEO/Founder, Growing City

Be guided by the Kick Facilitators

Our team is constantly working with top level entrepreneurs to help them find the tools, training, talent, partnerships and capital they need for growth.

Keith Ippel

Keith Ippel

CEO, Spring

Ilya Brotzky

Ilya Brotzky

Director of Market Development

Laura Mar

Laura Mar


Kevin Corkum

Kevin Corkum


Self Serve

  • Kick journey course + Access to Kick community + Thousands of dollars in perks + Access to office hours with industry experts + Creation of launch plan + Access to global Kick mentors in 27 cities
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  • Eight sessions over four weeks + Access to Kick community + Thousands of dollars in perks + Customized introductions + Creation of launch plan + Access to global Kick mentors in 27 cities
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Kick applicable for people that already have a business?

Absolutely. In fact, if you are already have a company, chances are you’d be able to recoup your investment in Kick in a matter of days by following some of the more advanced customer validation and marketing strategies alone. Even experienced entrepreneurs will be able to benefit from some of the growth strategies shared in Kick…not to mention the wealth of custom mentorship and connections made by being part of the Kick network!

Which version of Kick is best for me?

There is value in both self service Kick and our Fast Track offering. We encourage you to get in touch with us so we can assess your needs and make a better informed recommendation. We have had many successful Kicksters have started with self service and then grow into Fast Track.

Do I need to be in a specific industry or market to qualify?

No: Kick comes pre-packed with all the tools you need to launch a highly successful startup, no matter the industry or market. All you’ll need to launch your startup is an internet connection, perseverance, and an open mind. We are open to anyone from the ideation stage all the way to more established companies looking to pivot. We also teach how to be an intrapreneur to help those in larger companies understand how to innovate from within.

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