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Visual Brand Worksheet

  WHAT FIRST-IMPRESSION DOES YOUR BRAND GIVE TO AN AUDIENCE? Looks aren’t everything, but they definitely communicate a lot at first glance. A company may have a great product, but fall short in the market if it fails to convey a strong message. Is your brand conveying the message you …

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Building a Basic Top of Funnel

  HOW TO BUILD A BASIC TOP OF FUNNEL. You hear marketers and salespeople talk about “the funnel” all the time. Fill the funnel. Top of funnel. Funnel. But what IS this funnel? And how DO you fill it? Spring does away with metaphors and talks about some of the …

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Web Presence Guide

  SETTING UP A SIMPLE WEB PRESENCE FOR YOUR BUSINESS You’ve got a brilliant idea, it’s simple, sophisticated… Your first model or pop-up shop? Off the charts successful! Now you are hungry to continue. But how can you keep an interested audience up to date? How can you keep an …

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Intro to Branding Worksheet

NOT SURE WHERE TO START WITH YOUR BRANDING? SPRING CAN HELP. Building a brand identity is a mammoth project, but having a place to start, and a framework to follow, can break a seemingly impossible task into manageable projects. With Spring’s Intro to Branding Worksheet, you and your team have the …

Spring Activator Weekly Idea Roundup
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Keith’s Funding Roundup – October 28th

Looking for money for your business? I’ve put together my weekly round-up, this time with 4 helpful resources for entrepreneurs looking to raise capital. Check it out below: Fledge Seattle applications are open Fledge, the Conscious Company Accelerator, has applications open now for their Spring cohort in Seattle. Fledge is …

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Why Startup Founders Should Provide Group Benefits

Having the double whammy of group insurance and a pension plan together can help retain top talent at your company.  The biggest case in favor of providing a group benefits program is employee retention.  The Case for Group Benefits  For anyone that might consider pursuing entrepreneurship, their first concern is …

Nicole Donnelly Spring Social Media and SEO Workshop
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Social Media Marketing, SEO, and Fun at Spring’s Marketing Workshop

On Saturday October 14th, we had an amazing Social Media Marketing Workshop at Spring, where we covered the latest in: Search Engine Optimization Social Media Marketing Automation with Salty Waffle Online marketing tools Personal SEO Location-based content Keyword Strategy Tips and tricks to boost your rankings   And as a …

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Spring and New Ventures BC: Introducing the Virtual Funding Workshop

In partnership with New Ventures BC, we’ve created the Virtual Funding Workshop, designed for early-stage, post-launch businesses in all communities looking to raise capital. As an entrepreneur, you will reach a point in your business where you will need to invest in equipment, talent acquisition, and office space in order …

trevor westerlund radical i:o
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Welcoming Our New Partners Radical I/O To The Spring Community

Radical I/O is a mobile and web app development agency based right here in Vancouver B.C. The (growing!) team of 11 is led by husband and wife team, Ian and Briana who founded Radical I/O in 2014. Radical I/O is passionate about delivering purpose over profit in a tech environment. …

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Spring Activator Becomes A Certified B Corp

  At Spring Activator, impact means fostering social, environmental, and financial sustainability into all of the businesses we work with. 3 years ago, we founded Spring with the vision of making impact mainstream. We’ve supported 450+ local entrepreneurs, 225+ companies, has helped create more than 300 jobs in our local …