Become a Mentor

Share your knowledge and experience with the next wave of entrepreneurs.

Mentors are an incredible source of support for entrepreneurs – and a key factor in the success of small businesses. 

That’s why we choose to connect our program participants with individuals who are willing to share their time and knowledge to help them along their journeys. 

As a mentor, 


Empowers entrepreneurs to work through challenges, increase confidence and gain clarity.

Helps entrepreneurs set clear goals and stay focused.

Shares alternative views and experiences that help entrepreneurs see all of their options.

Spots connecting themes in the bigger picture and supports entrepreneurs to overcome barriers.

Available Opportunities

Our programming is diverse and so are the opportunities to help. Depending on the time of year, our need for mentors may fluctuate and vary. Generally speaking, we’re always looking for great mentors in the following categories. 


Act as a one-off resource for entrepreneurs looking for advice on a specific topic.

Can flex based on your availability. 


Present or teach as a subject matter expert to a group of entrepreneurs.

Can flex based on your availability. 


Help a specific entrepreneur for a few hours per month over 4-12 months.

A few hours per month for 4-12 months.

Mentor Eligibility

The Spring Mentorship Program is open to entrepreneurs, investors, and business experts with experience in a variety of industries, company sizes, and business stages. 


  • Have had at least 5 years entrepreneurship experience within the last 15 years.
  • Be willing and available to work with an entrepreneur in one of the three mentoring capacities described above.
  • Be ready to be paired with an entrepreneur within 3 months of registering as a mentor.
Finding a good match between mentors and mentees is an important part of ensuring that mentors and mentees both get the most from the relationship – and hopefully may even continue after the program ends. As such, priority will be given to mentors who have the knowledge and ability to contribute to entrepreneurs participating in Spring’s current programs.

 As a certified B-Corporation, Spring is a global incubator and accelerator that empowers entrepreneurs and entrepreneur ecosystem organizations to build better businesses and change the world. Through its global advisory services, it has helped more than 70 different incubators, accelerators, foundations, and governments on 5 continents enhance their capacity to maximize impact both in their local communities and globally. With their impact programs, they have helped more than 700 entrepreneurs create 350 companies and raise more than $21M in funding. 

The Next Cohort Starts in April 2020

Intake is limited to only 15 companies | Application deadline: October 31st, 2019