Finding a New Normal: Leading Your Business Through Times of Uncertainty

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New Normal - centre fit
Finding A New Normal: Leading Your Business Through Times of Uncertainty

With a pandemic at our door, navigating business in this amount of uncertainty requires an approach that includes a reset of your business plan. This session will help you find your new normal and make sure you can make the transition well.

This webinar covers the critical steps required to respond to coronavirus and the recession.

Topics and discussion include:

  • Cash flow and emergency response plans
  • Mapping your new normal
  • Developing your new plan
  • How to include your team
  • Getting help
Finding A New Normal: How to Recession-Proof Your Fundraising in a Crisis

In a crisis, raising money is hard. Hard, but not impossible. You’ll need funding during a crisis or recession, but is it possible for your business, and where do you begin?

Having raised over $10 million through three recessions, Keith Ippel (CEO of Spring) shares his experiences, best practices, tips and tricks to optimize funding options in 2020.

This session is for you if you have a for-profit business and you’re actively raising a round of investment, or plan to by March 31, 2021. You’re unsure of how to go about the process or are asking, “Now what?” in this time of Covid-19.

Topics and discussions include:

  • Equity
  • Grants
  • Loans
  • Pitching
  • Investor relationships
  • How to stand out from the crowd
Finding A New Normal: How to Invest in Uncertain Times

Jeanette Jackson of Foresight CleanTech Accelerator joins Keith Ippel and Mari Mathews of Spring to discuss investing in times of uncertainty and recession, and how this downturn can change the game for impact and turn the tide to a new way of investing, and doing business.

Jeanette leads Foresight Clean-tech Accelerator, Canada’s leading clean-tech innovation centre, a serial entrepreneur, and angel investor. Keith Ippel has advised companies to raise over $80 million in capital. Mari leads Spring’s Investment programs and has raised over $1million in equity for her startups.

Topics and discussions include:

  • The current crisis
  • Why this is a valuable time to invest in impact
  • What practical approaches to take in 2020

This webinar is for you if:

You want to increase your positive impact on the world.
You want to learn more about early stage investing and impact investing.

Finding A New Normal: How to Reduce Costs & Increase Revenues in a Time of Crisis

Keith Ippel of Spring and Iain Rodgers, Co-Founder of Entreflow Consulting, lead an engaging conversation about the creative ways of reducing costs and growing revenue in a recession. Iain is an experienced entrepreneur and advisor to several companies. 

This webinar is for you if you’re actively leading a business and are struggling to find the right models to stretch cash. You need to cut expenses and are looking to find opportunities for growth amid the turmoil. 

Topics and discussions include:

  • Revenue
  • Costs
  • How to stretch your runway


Finding A New Normal: How to Conduct Investment Due Diligence in a Crisis

Mari Mathews facilitates a discussion on the experiences, pros and cons, and best practices of conducting due diligence online. 

Our panel of entrepreneurs and investors share practical insights and wisdom on how engaging in an online process can work for everyone.

Panellists include:

  • Keith Ippel, Spring Activator
  • Mari Mathews, Spring Activator
  • Jana Svedova, Synergy Social Ventures
  • Tom Boddez, Active Impact Investments


This webinar is for you if:

You are an active, or interested, early-stage investor.
You are an entrepreneur actively or looking to, raising a round in 2020.
You are looking to make the process easier.

Finding A New Normal: Is Now the Right Time to Start a New Business?

Keith Ippel (CEO & Co-Founder of Spring) and Nicola Jones-Crossley of Futurpreneur Canada guide you through the process of deciding if now is the right time to launch your new business.

This interactive session walks through the decision process, and the steps you need to take to get to clarity. Learn from fellow entrepreneurs who have been there and done that.

This webinar is for you if:

You are considering starting a business.
You are struggling to decide on timing.
You would like to build your network to help you prepare for when the time is right.

We launched a Business Resilience Program!

As we hosted the ‘New Normal’ sessions, we realized that making a genuine impact required us to dive deeper and offer support on an extended basis. 

The Business Resilience Program is designed to support businesses navigating challenging economic conditions. 

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