KAST Investment Readiness Training Program Experience: ListSimple

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At Spring Activator, supporting impact startups is what we do. One of the ways we do this is through our Investment Readiness Training Program.

We connected with Dennis and Thomas, Co-Owners of ListSimple and participants in the last KAST Investment Readiness Training Program, that took place on April and May 2022, to talk through their experience in the program.

ListSimple supports REALTORS® by capturing and delivering the property data/media they require to market a new listing. They leverage technology to do this more efficiently, accurately and rapidly than anyone else.

ListSimple’s Program Experience

What were your main objectives when starting this program?

As a company looking to expand into new markets and exploring ways to fund that growth, we were looking to gain a broad understanding of the investment landscape. We were also keen to connect with other Kootenay businesses to share thoughts, ideas and learn from each others’ experiences.

What was unique to our approach that attracted you? Why did you decide to register for the program?

We were excited about getting access to expert partners and resources, the broad spectrum of topics covered, the relatively condensed format (we believed we could learn a lot in a few short weeks) and the remote delivery.

What was your experience like in the program?

It was a very positive experience overall. The program allowed us to step out of our day-to-day operational activities, take stock, and plan for future growth. It was great to hear from other business owners and share thoughts and ideas.

What unique examples can you share that changed your outlook or internal processes moving forward as a result of working with us?

The majority of the program involved hearing from experts who summarized the various types of funding available. More specifically, the program helped us hone an investment pitch which will be a very useful foundation if we decide to pursue that type of capital.

What benefits have you and your team experienced from going through this program with us?

The key benefit were expanded knowledge – we’ve gained a thorough understanding of the funding options available. We also gained access a ton of valuable networking opportunities.

What’s next for ListSimple?

Our next big thing is national expansion!

Would you recommend Spring and the Investment Readiness Training Program?

We highly recommend this program!

A new cohort of the KAST Investment Readiness Training Program is open for applications


This Investment Readiness Training is for Kootenay region tech entrepreneurs and startups who require or will soon need funding as they scale their operations. This program will help founders work through an often overwhelming and daunting process to secure financing. The program starts in September 8th and you have until August 25th to apply.

Through 9 weeks of interactive learning with experts, guest speakers, and other entrepreneurs, this program will provide the tools, frameworks, and best practices to help entrepreneurs gain confidence to seek strategic impact funding.

Featuring the Discovery Foundation Investment Readiness Program with Volition


Volition is an agent of the Discovery Foundation’s Technology Education Program. Learn more about this part of the Investment Readiness Program here.

This program serves BC-based tech/tech-enabled startups that are looking for resources and support to accelerate their business and investment readiness skills, and features three program pillars: Advising, Masterclasses, and BC Startup Showcases.

  • Startup Business Advising: Entrepreneurs will be matched to one of Volition’s experienced advisors who will work with them to identify gaps and bring focus and alignment to the business.
  • BC Women’s Pitch Showcases: An opportunity for women-led/owned Startups to pitch (virtually) to a panel of investors and ecosystem supporters.
  • Pitch Masterclasses: An opportunity for Entrepreneurs to learn the key elements of an investor pitch, understand the investor mindset and how to incorporate structure and storytelling into the pitch design.

The cost(s) of this program are covered by Discovery Foundation and Volition. Applicants will have the option to choose which of the three components they would like to access.

Think this program is a good fit? APPLY HERE NOW!

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