Leaders Roundtable: The Entrepreneur’s Secret Weapon

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It’s no secret that as a new entrepreneur, the odds are stacked against you.

The latest numbers show that 90% of businesses die out within the first 18 months of operations.


Why do 90% of entrepreneurs fail?


It’s hard to do anything great by yourself.

Chances are, you know that entrepreneurship is the world’s loneliest career.

While entrepreneurs are able to hack away at any problem, one principle stays true. Everyone has their strengths, as well as their weaknesses.

At Spring, our mission is to help social entrepreneurs change the world, and to make sure they survive.

Six months ago, we tested out the concept of the Leaders Roundtable.


What is the Leaders Roundtable?

The Leaders Roundtable started as small group of founders, meeting once a month to talk business.

During roundtable sessions, every topic was fair game. These entrepreneurs discussed and solved everything from financial challenges, to marketing their businesses.

Roundtables caught on in the Spring community, with more and more business owners showing interest.

Roundtables now follow a straightforward format, designed to give entrepreneurs the most value.

  • Monthly, 3-hour meetings
  • 6 – 8 founders per group
  • Share problems and receive actionable feedback from your peers and facilitator


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Why Join A Roundtable?

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8 heads are better than 1

The beauty of the Roundtable is the collaboration happening within groups.

Entrepreneurs tend to want to solve problems themselves, and this attitude can inhibit company growth. The discussion aspect of roundtables helps entrepreneurs break out of this mold. Facilitated group discussion encourages sharing of knowledge and experience.


Clear And Actionable Sessions

Have you ever felt stuck, running your own business?

Without a community to lean on, entrepreneurs like you feel as if they lack direction with their businesses.

You can tap into all of the online courses you want, but when it comes to your own company, there’s no substitute for getting tailored feedback from professionals who actually understand your business.

Often times, having facilitated discussion helps to get a fresh pair of eyes on your problems. Our roundtable is where you’ll receive honest feedback to push you in the right direction.

On top of that, Roundtable participants can tap into Spring’s network of industry partners and mentors. Our partners will help guide you in topics ranging from app development to start-up law.


How Do I Join?

Brianne Miller - Spring Alumni

Roundtables are here to stay at Spring, and we’re starting our next batch of roundtable groups in January.


We’re looking for post-launch founders, who are committed to growing their business.

Apply today to for the Leaders Roundtable. Applications close December 15th.


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Rhea Alleyne
Rhea Alleyne

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