Marketing Roundup – Mar 26, 2018

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Spring Activator Weekly Idea Roundup

We all know marketing isn’t just about content, this week we look at using automation, new ad products, old-school marketing tactics and key tracking metrics and data that you need to watch closely. #MarketingMondays

1. 6 Automation Rules to Skyrocket Your Email Marketing Performance

Email marketing is surely the most challenging yet rewarding path towards riches.

Every type of business, no matter whether it’s a big brand or a small business, must develop and nurture a close relationship with its customers. And because our current marketplace is slowly becoming 100% digital, email communication is and will continue to be the most effective method of building solid connections with your clients and customers.

2. Facebook Debuted 3 New Ad Products for Retailers at Shoptalk

Last week, Facebook reinforced its focus on retail brands at Shoptalk in Las Vegas with its introduction of three new advertising tools.

Monday’s addition of store sales optimization to its offline solutions, allows retailers to use machine learning to zero in on those most likely to make purchases in their stores.

3. 4 Old-School Marketing Tactics Making a Comeback in 2018

Every single modern advertising method is going through the same cycle of conception, testing, success and inevitable saturation.

Meanwhile, we’ve completely ignored dozens of old-school marketing tactics, getting caught up in the inbound noise.

We’ve left them in the dust where “they belong.” But they’re making a resurgence.

Here are four old-school tactics that are making a comeback in this currently saturated landscape.

4. Are You Tracking Your Content Marketing’s Effectiveness Yet?

In my recent blog post I shared with B2B marketers 5 Steps to Content Marketing Success in 2018 and the ultimate key to success: a documented strategy. But would you be surprised if I tell you that only 35% of organizations measure the return on investment (ROI) of its content marketing efforts? This is according to Content Marketing Institute’s (CIM’s) 2018 Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends research (North America). That’s pretty shocking, wouldn’t you say?

5. The 3 Data Streams That Every Founder Needs

And why “just asking customers” isn’t enough

Gathering real-world feedback from customers is a core concept of Customer Development as well as the Lean Startup.

But what information to collect?

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