Meet the Entrepreneurs Who Are Part of Spring’s First IMPACT Startup Visa Incubation Program

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Here we have our first intake of early-stage entrepreneurs joining Spring’s newly founded IMPACT Startup Visa (ISV) Incubator! The incubator is designed to support immigrant entrepreneurs in developing a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and launch plan for the Canadian market.

Besides launching a business in Canada, what is another similarity between these ISV participants? The desire to make a positive difference, either socially or environmentally, through business!

We invite you to read on and learn about these startups, which range from a recycled clothing platform to getting professional medical help right at your doorstep! Feel free to connect with them on LinkedIn and give them a hearty Canadian welcome. 🇨🇦

Introducing the Cohort


SourcingCan is a one of a kind eCommerce platform for raw material trading. Their ground-breaking comparison system optimizes and modernizes the rigid and conventional raw material trading industry.

Dany is the Founder & CEO of SourcingCan. He is responsible for leading the software development, operations management, and human resource management for SourcingCan.

Danny Chiu |  Founder & CEO

KK Aurora

KK Aurora is a solution for recycled clothing platforms. They have the efficiency, resources, and skill to guarantee quality control in clothing items for these organizations. Their robust capacity and optimized process allow them to handle large quantities of clothing items for various second-hand clothing platforms at once.

Website | LinkedIn

Mini Cheng is the Founder & CEO of KK Aurora. She is responsible for contacting existing partners for collaboration opportunities and also manages factory operations.

Mini Cheng |  Founder & CEO


Heyylook is an innovative travel and event booking and hosting platform. It allows users to look for events near them, host events, or purchase travel packages.

Website | LinkedIn

Beverly Chan is the Founder & CEO of Heyylook. Her primary role is to lead the website development foster relationships with vendors and partners.

Beverly Chan |  Founder & CEO


FindOurMed is like DoorDash for medical professionals. Users can easily book an appointment for a medical expert according to their needs and with the support of FindourMed’s sophisticated sorting system. A medical professional will then show up at their doorstep – saving time, energy, and money. This also alleviates pressure from Canada’s existing medical system.

Website | LinkedIn

Cheung Tsz Kwan is the Founder & CEO of FindOurMed. He is in charge of business development, UI design advisory, and marketing.

Cheung Tsz Kwan |  Founder & CEO


CourseKingdoms is an online platform for students of all ages, ranging from elementary to high school, as well as educators wanting to teach.

Website | LinkedIn

Frank Chuen is the Founder & CEO of CourseKingdoms. His primary responsibilities include operations, human resource management, and marketing.

Frank Chuen |  Founder & CEO

Co-Inspired Task

Co-Inspired Task is an online platform specializing in providing educational support for those SEN students. Integrating all resources, courses with designated and customized teaching material for these children, soft skills and hardware sharing among children and their caretakers. It fine tunes education for those with special needs to an innovative learning experience.

Website | LinkedIn

Michelle Ngai is the Founder & CEO of Co-Inspired Task. She lead the IT team developing the online platform and manages relationships with potential partners. Being part of the education industry in Hong Kong for over 10 years, Michelle is extremely passionate about passing on knowledge to the next generation. 

Michelle Ngai |  Founder & CEO

Alchemy Facilities

Alchemy Facilities offers facility management services to companies around the world. Regardless of their size, all companies require some form of facility management, and Alchemy was build to support that process.

Website | LinkedIn

Theadore Chan is the Founder & CEO of Alchemy Facilities. He is responsible for business development, marketing, providing facility management services, and human resources.

Theadore Chan |  Founder & CEO

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