Weekly Funding Roundup: November 29th, 2017

Weekly Idea Roundup Spring
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Weekly Funding Roundup: November 29th, 2017

Funding Roundup & the importance of supporting immigrant entrepreneurs
Hi everyone, the next installment of our Funding roundup is here.

1. Funding immigrant entrepreneurs is critical to the growth of entrepreneur communities

Immigrants play a vital role in job growth and empowering communities. Funding is one such area that needs to step up and ensure that immigrants have a fair, and equal, opportunity to gain the funding support needed to launch and scale their ventures. Here’s an insightful piece of the impact immigrants have on communities.

2. Raise money for your startup from anywhere

Blockchain based funding platforms are investible, and XPrize backed DropDeck is one of the first. They’ve recently launched and, in their words, “DropDeck is a royalty and debt financing platform for fast growing businesses with a pure smart-contract and token-incentivized mechanism to evaluate and fund businesses worldwide.” As you look to your 2018 and beyond funding needs you’ll need to get educated on this debt funding option and the potential fit with your funding and growth goals. Remember to consider strategic value and other benefits, and compare with other sources and alternatives.

3. Keiretsu Forum: Funding hiding right out in the open

Not many entrepreneurs know, but Keiretsu Forum is incredible active in the Pacific Northwest, with over $40M invested in the region. They’re known for investing in tech and life sciences, and is a viable option for post launch ventures with the potential for scale.

4. $15,000 contest for Canadian entrepreneurs 

Intuit hasa contest for Canadian entrepreneurs including a $10,000 first place prize.

5. Getting to a close on your round – finally!

Closing the round is the hardest thing for many entrepreneurs. No lead? Running out of time? When to wrap things up? Last minute change requests? If you’re in the Vancouver area come out to this session to break down these issues and more, and get to your close well.
Keith Ippel - CEO & Founder of Spring

Keith Ippel, CEO and Co-Founder @ Spring

With over 15 years experience as a leader in technology-centric businesses, Keith has accelerated the growth of both small and large companies, launched new products, and raised over $20m in angel investment and venture capital. He has an unparalleled ability to collaborate with entrepreneurs, employees, and investors to deliver amazing products to the market. Keith is passionate about creating opportunities that previously did not exist for people and co-founded Spring to bring that into the social venture space.

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