Weekly Tech Roundup: Feb 1, 2018

Spring Activator Weekly Idea Roundup
Posted on: February 1, 2018 Posted by: Chin Chang Comments: 0

Weekly Tech Roundup: Feb 1, 2018

1. Government Accepting Applications for $400 Million Venture Capital Catalyst Initiative

The Canadian government is accepting expressions of interest for its $400 million Venture Capital Catalyst Initiative starting today.

The $400 million — managed by BDC over three years — will be given to VCs that meet specific criteria.

2. Yaletown ups emerging-growth fund’s target with $100 mln first close

Yaletown Partners raised more than $100 million in initial commitments for its emerging-growth tech fund, encouraging the firm to bump up the pool’s target, two people familiar with the matter told PE Hub Canada.

3. Organizing Your Docs to Prep for Investor Due Diligence

Paying legal fees and organizing paperwork are not typically entrepreneurs’ favorite things to do. However, getting things in order now will help you avoid headaches in the future like tracking down a signature from an investor hiking in Peru with a 24-hour deadline for an acquisition offer, fighting a claim on your IP from the employer of the developer you hired on the side for the first month of your company, or paying tens of thousands of dollars in taxes for a misfiling with the IRS. All true stories.

4. The 9 Best Sales Methodologies for Closing Complex Deals

Sales methodologies are a dime a dozen these days, with each one promising unprecedented growth and revenue.

However, we all know that to successfully close large and complex deals, it’s essential for sales teams to have a more structured approach and focus on the right steps to bring deals to closure.

5. 5 Common Productivity Myths You Need To Stop Believing

When it comes to cranking through your to-do list, there are tons of warnings for you to heed. How can you tell which ones are fact and which are mere fantasy? Here are five productivity myths you should kick to the curb once and for all.

How to Craft Your Brand and Rise Above the Competition

Startup founders often dismiss the importance of having a brand strategy. While branding may seem elusive to founders, laying the foundation of a strong brand will result in market differentiation and accelerated adoption.

That’s why we’ve partnered with Skyrocket, a Vancouver-based branding agency to bring you a new workshop on how to apply design thinking and craft a brand strategy that will help you rise above your competition. Sign up today to save your spot!

Other Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming events at this time.

Chin Hing Chang, Head of Growth at Spring

Chin Hing Chang, Head of Growth @ Spring

Chin mentors employees looking to start a new venture and non-profit organizations looking to spin out a for-profit venture. At Spring, he has helped our 450+ entrepreneurs launch over 230 companies. As a speaker, Chin focuses on ACTIONABLE advice and processes, not just the motivational fluff, and have presented at various conferences and companies including Protohack, PVCC, RED Academy, and many more.

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