Business Resilience Program

How to help your community survive and thrive in the face of business adversity.

The Business Resilience Program is an online course designed to help your business community through the process of assessing their current business, identifying the ‘new normal’, creating a plan to survive, and executing this plan successfully. 

This online course is designed specifically for donors, funders, incubators, accelerators and government institutions to offer the support needed when businesses face an economic downturn.  

Over the course of four core modules created by experts in strategic growth and entrepreneurship. Participants will have access to video lessons, worksheets, and resources to walk them through each module.

Core Course Modules: 
  • Step 1 – Your Current Situation
  • Step 2 – Your New Plan
  • Step 3 – Running Your Plan
  • Step 4 – Funding Your Plan

Each section includes clear and actionable steps for participants to follow during this challenging time. Tools, templates, and resources make each one easy to act on. The course includes relevant and real-time business case studies to provide examples of how the principles are applied in the real world. Guest content from some of the best entrepreneurs and companies in the world round out the support, and set the stage for tailored support, business resilience, and long term success and impact.

Program Details

  • Program format: Online, hosted in Thinkific.
  • Program timeline: Participants will have access to the course program for one year.
  • Program flow: Participants can go at their own pace and work through the topics they need the most in their businesses right now. 
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Keith Ippel, CEO & Co-Founder

"Entrepreneurs and businesses need a roadmap and tools to survive the recession and prepare to emerge on the other side thriving."

“Our Resilience Program is designed to impact the largest number of entrepreneurs possible, and provide the crucial framework necessary for increasing levels of tailored support needed to overcome the crisis.”

Keith Ippel – Founder of Spring Activator


"As an entrepreneur, I know the importance of having the information you need in difficult times to save or grow your business."

“The Resilience Program gives practical step-by-step instructions to take control of your business’s future.”

Jamie Smith – Project Manager at Spring, Founder of THRIVE Art Studio

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