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Posted on: April 15, 2020 Posted by: Keith Ippel Comments: 0

How to Recession-Proof Your Capital Raise

Raising money: it’s something that most companies need to do at some point in their journey to launch, finding product-market fit, and unlocking growth. When you’re raising equity investment for your business it’s important to know that this aspect of business is prone to be impacted by a crisis or …

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5 Questions Investors Ask When Evaluating a Business

There are a variety of reasons for investors to invest, but a key factor is ROI (Return on Investment). At the seed stage, they’re taking a lot of risks and it’s common for them to see over 80% of their portfolio companies fail before turning a profit. To make it …

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6 Ways of Funding a Business Before Talking to Investors

When it comes to funding a business, raising from investors seems to be a popular option. But it’s not the only one! As you launch and grow your business you want to consider all possible opportunities – also known as non-dilutive options because they don’t involve giving up equity – …