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Meet the Top 5 Ventures | 2023 Health Impact Investor Challenge

Meet the Top 5 Innovative Canadian Healthcare Ventures of the Future We live in a world where technology is advancing rapidly and it is important to pay attention to how these rapid advancements impact healthcare technology. The healthcare industry is seeing a surge of innovative startups leveraging cutting-edge technologies to …

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Introducing The Top 5 Quebec Cleantech Startups

Meet the Top 5 Cleantech Startups Quebec has become a hub for cleantech innovation, with a growing number of startups emerging to address some of the most pressing environmental challenges of our time. From alternate renewable energy to v sustainable fertilizers, these innovation ventures are leading the way in creating …

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Leading The Way In Supporting BC’s Health Innovation Startups To Scale & Raise

Summer 2023 marks the launch of the Discovery Foundation’s RISE Resilience: Health Innovation Investment Readiness Program and Nimbus Synergies Health Impact Investor Challenge to support BC health innovation startups with raising capital. One of the key drivers of the success of the health innovation industry in Canada is the country’s …

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Meet the Entrepreneurs In Spring’s 11th IMPACT Startup Visa Accelerator

Introducing our newest cohort of entrepreneurial minds for the 2023 Spring Activator IMPACT Startup Visa Accelerator In February, we put a call-out to startups internationally to participate in our eleventh Spring Activator IMPACT Startup Visa (ISV) Accelerator cohort. Looking at the incredible response to our program last year, it’s clear …

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This Earth Month, Learn About the NCC’s Conservation Efforts in the Hastings Wildlife Junction

Amplifying resilience through innovation Spring Activator was founded with the mission of accelerating and amplifying the activities of purpose-driven leaders to create an equitable and resilient world that is regenerative by design. One of the most impactful areas for development in ecological innovation is carbon sequestration. That is why this …

Sarah Stevens Impact Investor
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Impact Investing Interview with Sarah Stevens on Making a Difference

“[Impact investing] is a newer phenomenon and speaks to the times we’re in—the emissions, the Paris Accord—there’s a shift in the culture to care about these things.” – Sarah Stevens Sarah Stevens is a consultant and founder of Innov8 Green, a real estate holding and investment company. As an investor, …

HIIC Top 15 Blog Post
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Meet the Top 15 Startups | 2023 Health Impact Investor Challenge

These 15 promising Canadian ventures are building innovative healthcare solutions for the future. In today’s world, there are many healthcare focused companies that have become household names due to their innovative solutions. Solutions that were completely new  or  re-imagined from the old. That’s why we teamed up with the TELUS …

Genus Management Consulting Partnership with Spring
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Spring Activator and Genus Capital Management Inc. join forces to amplify the power of impact investing in BC and Canada

This special edition of Spring Activator’s Impact Investor Challenge, presented by the TELUS Pollinator Fund for Good, aims to connect healthcare founders with investors and support them in navigating the investment process and Canadian healthcare landscape  On a mission to champion investment within the impact investor and startup ecosystem, Spring …