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Intro to Branding Worksheet

NOT SURE WHERE TO START WITH YOUR BRANDING? SPRING CAN HELP. Building a brand identity is a mammoth project, but having a place to start, and a framework to follow, can break a seemingly impossible task into manageable projects. With Spring’s Intro to Branding Worksheet, you and your team have the …

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Why Startup Founders Should Provide Group Benefits

Having the double whammy of group insurance and a pension plan together can help retain top talent at your company.  The biggest case in favor of providing a group benefits program is employee retention.  The Case for Group Benefits  For anyone that might consider pursuing entrepreneurship, their first concern is …

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5 Tips On Getting Funding When Starting A New Business

There are a dizzying array of choices and limitations to funding a new business, or startup as the term was coined in the technology sector. While it may feel daunting, Keith Ippel, CEO and Cofounder at Spring Activator, helps demystify this confusion quickly with five simple tips.

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5 Ways To Deal With Business Competition

Launching a new company is daunting, you’re up against a plethora of competitors who could easily squash you or steal your idea. If you’ve said to yourself, “I have no competitors, we’re first in the market” you’re probably not doing enough market research.