Entrepreneurship As A Career

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Thinking about starting a business?

Transitioning from a career change?
Looking to be your own boss?
Have an idea that you think could make you millions?
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A Free Group Consultation + Workshop

Before you jump into the deep end, do you really know what a life of entrepreneurship looks like?
Spring is hosting a free 1-day intensive group consultation to help entrepreneurs-to-be understand and explore entrepreneurship as a career.


Saturday, 22 June 2019
10:00 AM
Orientation & Overview
10:30 AM
Exercise: Introductions
11:00 AM
Startup 101
  • Business lifecycle roadmap
  • Common mistakes
  • Lean entrepreneurship
1:00 PM

Purpose & Value Discovery

  • Uncovering personal values
  • Defining your personal and business mission
  • Exploring value creation and impact with your business
1:30 PM
Ideation Workshop
2:00 PM
2:15 PM
Exercise: Identifying Potential Mentors
2:45 PM
Using Spring’s Business Model Builder to map your business
3:15 PMExercise: Purpose, Problem, User, Solution
3:45 PM
Business Model Builder continued
4:15 PM
Exercise: Alternatives, Value Proposition, Impact
4:30 PMQ&A
5:00 PMWrap-up

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Limited to 20 people