IMPACT Startup Visa Incubator

For early-stage impact entrepreneurs who have a business idea and seek to immigrate to Canada under the Startup Visa

Spring’s IMPACT Startup Visa Incubator is a 3-month cohort-based virtual program supporting idea-stage entrepreneurs to develop a clearly defined Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and launch plan. We help immigrant entrepreneurs who own these businesses create a positive social or environmental impact, move to Canada, apply for Permanent Residence status and scale globally through the Canadian Startup Visa Program. 

What sets us apart is we’re 100% committed to helping you make a positive impact through your business. We believe business can evolve to be a force for good in the world. You’ll learn how to adapt your venture to the Canadian business environment and fine-tune your impact thesis and measurement plan. 

Spring Activator Team

Many of us at Spring are immigrants or have parents who have immigrated to Canada—we see our being here as an opportunity to bridge our communities back home with new opportunities and vice versa. As entrepreneurs and immigrants ourselves, we’re here to help you!

Program Details

► Program Cost

The total cost of the ISV Incubator program is CAD $30,000 + applicable taxes for a one-person company application submitted by the Founder. If the company applying includes a team of 2-5 then the cost of the program is CAD $35,000, with the option of having one other applicant member participate in the program.

Please note that the cost does not cover immigration related costs. It covers the ISV program itself, including IRCC Startup Visa administration, paperwork, ISV coursework delivery, 12 weeks of sessions, etc.

► Time Commitment

The ISV Incubator program runs for a period of 3 months during which you’ll be expected to attend virtual training sessions two days per week. 

Alumni Journey Spotlight

► What types of ventures does ISV support?

► What are their founders like? 

► And what motivates them to make an impact?

Learn more about Sonali Sharma’s decision to move to Canada under the Startup Visa, and her experience participating in Spring’s IMPACT Startup Visa Accelerator. Sonali, originally from India, joined the ISV Program in 2020 and is now living in British Columbia with her family. 

Watch Our Recent Alumni Spotlight Event

We’re excited to have featured David Alva, Co-Founder of Proximity and a recent IMPACT Startup Visa Program graduate on our recent info session! Hear about David’s journey from Peru to Vancouver and how and why he started his impact business. 

Details | May 25 from 9 am to 10:15 am PST 

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