This Earth Month, Learn About the NCC’s Conservation Efforts in the Hastings Wildlife Junction

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Spring Activator was founded with the mission of accelerating and amplifying the activities of purpose-driven leaders to create an equitable and resilient world that is regenerative by design. One of the most impactful areas for development in ecological innovation is carbon sequestration. That is why this Earth Month, the Spring team is teaming up with 1% For The Planet and Active Impact Investments in supporting the Nature Conservancy of Canada – specifically, their work to conserve the Hastings Wildlife Junction in the Great Lakes Basin, Southern Ontario.


The Hastings Junction: One of Canada’s most ecologically significant areas of land, with over 10,000 hectares of forest that store millions of tons of carbon


The Nature Conservancy of Canada is the largest land conservation organization in Canada, with a mission to build toward a greater good – a thriving world. The NCC is working at an unprecedented scale and urgency to deliver conservation impact, accelerating solutions to land conservation and protecting over 10,000 hectares of forests and wetlands

The Hastings Wildlife Junction is an ecologically significant stretch of forests, rivers and wetlands rich in plant and animal diversity. These forests and wetlands are significant carbon sinks; protecting them keeps carbon in the trees and soil, a huge opportunity for reducing the effects of climate change. The Hastings Wildlife Junction area stores 11 million tonnes of CO2 and sequesters an additional 28,000 tonnes annually.

The Junction is located at the intersections of the Algonquin to Adirondacks, and The Land Between corridors (where the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence lowlands ecoregion transitions to the Canadian Shield). By expanding the amount of conserved land within the connection of these two corridors, the Hastings Wildlife Junction will play a vital role in protecting biodiversity – allowing species to move freely from one habitat to another. In addition to wildlife protection and carbon sequestration, forests and wetlands such as the Hastings Wildlife Junction help with removal of air pollution, as well as flood water storage


The NCC has already protected over 10,000 hectares, but requires significant fundraising to meet its goals. 

“We need to ensure we have adequate funds for the land and critically the land stewardship – stewardship is the forever part of our work that entails caring for these lands for the long term"

Join us in embracing the great outdoors this month and lend your support to the NCC’s conservation effforts and stewardship!  Spring and Active Impact Investments will be matching your valuable donations. For those of you who are 1% for the planet members, if you’re looking for a greater incentive to support this initiative, NCC is one of their registered Environmental Partners!

Learn more about NCC, our work with 1% For the Planet, and other nonprofits we support through this initiative. Happy Earth month!  

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