Spring Activator and Genus Capital Management Inc. join forces to amplify the power of impact investing in BC and Canada

Genus Management Consulting Partnership with Spring

Today marks a new era in the world of impact investing from a strategic partnership with Genus Capital Management, which aims at extending support to impact -focused investing clientele and the next steps in their journey.

This unique alliance was forged with the shared vision of how impact investing can be financially beneficial, while still making a significant positive difference for our planet. Spring Activator is pleased to announce this collaboration with Genus Capital Management. The collaboration is an annual partnership that will catalyze new relationships in British Columbia, Ontario and the rest of Canada while elevating the Genus brand and connecting qualified and values-aligned clientele.

There is no denying that impact investing comes with a unique set of risks and challenges. Despite the risks, the investor community remains largely interested in impact investing due to the potential for generating both financial returns in a sustainable manner and creating a direct positive social or environmental impact. For those who are considering diving into the world of  impact investing, it is critically important to do thorough research and due diligence on any potential investments to mitigate risks. The Spring Activator and Genus Capital Management partnership represents demystifying these risks and providing the guidance for navigating the impact investing landscape.


"Impact is the future of investing as more people invest with their values and for returns." “Spring is proud to partner with Genus Capital given our mutual focus on empowering investors through education, advice, community, and support to invest for good and for returns. As results oriented organizations, together we enable investors to take a portfolio approach to impact investing, and together we can move the dial.”

Spring Activator will support  Genus Capital Management’s ongoing commitment to  impact investing by connecting them to Spring’s impact investing ecosystem through Impact Investor Challenges and a growing community of investors and entrepreneurs. This partnership is aimed at giving impact-aligned individuals a holistic approach to impact investing in both the public and private sectors to maximize financial and impact returns.


The alliance will also help impact investors discover opportunities to get involved in innovative impact-focused startups, by supporting those who are actively seeking to do the greatest good for communities. Connecting capital to mission-driven startups directly aligns with Spring Activator’s and Genus Capital Management’s  goals to catalyze more impact investors.

"Entrepreneurship in all its forms is an important vehicle for creating positive impact. We are honored to partner with Spring Activator as both Genus and Spring share an aligned mission - to grow the impact investing movement in Canada.” “Spring offers investors intimate access to early-stage impact companies that are making a difference here in Canada and around the world. Genus serves another part of the market, focusing on the public equities side of the space and offering total portfolio management that brings everything together to provide clients with a diversified impact portfolio."

To learn more about Spring’s Impact Investor Challenges, visit the website.


To attend the upcoming webinar with Genus on April 17th 2023, visit our events page here for the update.

About Spring Activator 

A certified B Corporation®, Spring Activator is a global incubator, accelerator, and advisory firm that empowers entrepreneurs, investors, and entrepreneurial ecosystem builders to change the world through innovation. With its advisory services, it has helped over 70 different incubators, accelerators, foundations, and governments across five continents enhance their capacity to maximize impact both in their local communities and globally. Through its impact programs, Spring has helped more than 2100+ entrepreneurs, raised over $30M in funding, and provided training support for over 170+ impact investors. More information is available at www.spring.is

About Genus Capital Management

Vancouver-based Genus Capital Management provides Canadian investors with solutions that help them align their values with their financial goals. Genus provides sustainable investing solutions for corporate and institutional investors, foundations, family offices and individual investors. Genus has been managing client portfolios since 1989, with a focus on sustainable investing since 1993. 

 With Genus, you can choose to make a positive impact on society and the environment with each allocation of your capital. We screen out industries or companies that don’t align with your values and integrate environmental, social, and governance (ESG) screening into your investments. 

 To learn more about Genus Capital Management, please visit https://genuscap.com/

For media inquiries please contact: 

Mari Mathews, Spring, Director of Business Development | Mari@spring.is 

Shannon Ward, Genus, Chief Revenue Officer | SWard@genuscap.com 

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