When you have questions about raising seed capital from investors, we have answers.

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How does it work?

Send us an email and we’ll email you back. If it’s a complex question we will let you know the estimated time of a more robust answer (“ETA”).

How does Spring answer my questions?

Depending on the question, below are the following ways we will respond:

Simple Advice

Relevant and quick advice emailed directly to you.

Complicated Advice​

We'll provide you with a quick answer that might open up a bigger conversation that requires a longer exchange to understand your specific situation in more detail. We will jump on a call if needed

Legal Advice​

If you need a detailed legal answer. We will refer an experienced securities lawyer from our vetted network.

How many questions can I ask?

As many as you want.

What kind of questions can I ask?

Anything related to fundraising for a for-profit business. Here are some example questions:

  • Investors are telling me that they will only invest in a company with co-founders and not a solo founder. What should I do in this case?
  • New York investors are not willing to use SAFE agreements and prefer Convertible Notes, how can I get them to invest under my terms?
  • How do I value my company?
  • Am I ready to raise capital from investors?
  • How much should I raise?
  • How and where can I find investors?
  • I have investors who say they are interested, but no one is willing to write a cheque, How do I get them to close?
  • What happens in the due diligence process and what documents do I need to provide my investors when they ask for more details?
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A modern approach to startup advisory

Your fundraising challenges are unique because of your company, industry, how you structure your round, and who you attract as investors.

Curriculum based programs will help you with understanding the basics and the process but you sometimes need more hands-on advice tailored to your business needs.

Spring is providing a new way for startups to get the advice they need so that they can walk into investor meetings and respond to negotiations feeling empowered and well supported.

You can ask us questions at any time and you never need to guess at the right course of action. Our answers lead with the entrepreneurs best interest in-mind, not from the lens of an investor.

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About Spring

Spring was founded in January 2014 with the mission of making impact entrepreneurship mainstream. While traditional incubators and accelerators tend to focus on technology ventures, we work with leaders and innovators solving today’s biggest societal challenges. The common thread behind all the ideas and ventures that we help support is their commitment to changing the world for better. Spring is using business as a force for good to empower social impact leaders with the know-how, network and support needed to build a better business.

Keith Ippel - CEO & Founder of Spring

Keith Ippel, CEO & Co-Founder

Vivian McCormick

Vivian McCormick, Funding Advisor

Mike Winterfield - Spring EiR

Mike Winterfield, Entrepreneur-in-Residence

Chin Hing Chang, Head of Growth at Spring

Chin Hing Chang, Head of Growth

Sana Kapadia, CIO

Tiffany Shen

Tiffany Shen, ISV Program Coordinator


Startup Advice at a cost that wont put you out of business. 

Making bad decisions on inaccurate information is expensive

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