The first acceleration program for purpose driven B2B companies with over $5,000 in MRR.
A proven program with guaranteed results.


What I enjoyed most about the 2x revenue program was learning new concepts for scaling your business then having the advisors and other entrepreneurs to share their perspectives and ideas relating to those concepts. Each concept can be executed on in many different ways and it was great to have everyones support and opinions on how to get the most out of the strategies.
Spencer Turbitt
CEO @ iApotheca Healthcare and HeroTask
The 2x program helped Justin McAleenan and I refine EightSix Network's sales process and gave us some new techniques to implement that were specific to a SaaS company like ours. Thank you Keith Ippel, Mike Winterfield and Chin Hing Chang! What we found equally as valuable to the topics covered was hearing from other business owners in our cohort, like Laurie Millotte, who were experiencing some of the same challenges we were. It helped us get the creative juices flowing!
Andrew McAleenan
Co-Founder @ 86network.com
Happy to report that Outshinery hit the target and then some: we closed 108% more sales in November!
Laurie Milotte
Founder & CEO @ Outshinery

The first acceleration program for purpose-driven Business 2 Business (B2B) companies with over $5,000 in MRR

Program Details

Start Date: Spring 2020
Application Deadline: January 15, 2020
Timing: Weekend Bootcamp + 9-11am weekly in-person meetings + weekly assignment (no more than 2 hours of additional work)
Duration: 3 months
Pricing: $4,000

Limited to 10 companies

Acceptance is highly competitive, not first-come-first-serve

Our Spring 2020 Cohort will specifically be for B2B Companies with over $5,000 in MRR

Chin Hing Chang 

Program Manager & Lead Facilitator

Mike Winterfield 

Supporting Advisor

Mari Mathews 

Supporting Advisor

Create Sustainable Revenue while Changing The World

What you'll learn

  • Revenue Optimization Strategies
  • Review of your business model
  • Metrics & Goal Setting
  • Hiring for sales
  • Sales mentality and getting comfortable with sales
  • Copywriting
  • Crafting sales emails
  • Creating a sales process & strategy
  • Sales techniques
  • Sales tools & automation

Application Deadline January 15, 2020

Our Spring 2020 Cohort will specifically be for B2B Companies with over $5,000 in MRR

Cohort 1 - 2018