Programs for Impact Entrepreneurs & Investors

Incubation, acceleration, funding and growth programs provided directly to impact entrepreneurs and early-stage investors. 

We provide impact entrepreneurs from idea to $1.5M in revenue (or the first round of fundraising) and early-stage investors the tools, training, resources, network, and support to help them validate their idea, launch their business, grow, invest and raise funds.

Core Programs

Impact Startup Visa Accelerator

Helps entrepreneurs from around the world move to Canada and maximize their impact through the combination of a traditional acceleration program and support to apply for a Canadian Startup Visa.

Impact Investor Challenge | Investors & Entrepreneurs

Empowers established and emerging impact investors to fund businesses that align with both their values and their target return, and trains purpose-driven entrepreneurs in fundraising, awarding a winning startup with $100,000 in funding.

Funding Roundtables

Combines the leadership of an experienced fundraising facilitator with the collective knowledge of founders at similar stages of business to help businesses raise or prepare to raise a round with values-aligned seed capital.

Business Resilience Program

An online course designed to give entrepreneurs the tools they need to survive and thrive in the face of adversity.

Allison Gibson and Paintbox, Photo Credit: Toronto Star
Food Innovation Programming

We work with partners to design and deliver tailored business incubation and acceleration programs to empower entrepreneurs in food and beverage innovation.

Discovery Foundation
Tech for Good Programs

Flyover Communities Program

Builds innovation capacity in smaller communities across BC and the Yukon through facilitated training sessions, workshops, visioning sessions and entrepreneur engagement.

Events & Workshops

Tailored Workshops for Impact Entrepreneurs

Driven by our proven funding workshop series and designed specifically for impact entrepreneurs, we have delivered more than 300 workshops in person and online over the past 5 years.

Past Programs

Emerging Impact Investor Program

Trains young professionals on how to invest in early-stage impact companies.

Incubator for Entrepreneurs with ASD

Helps entrepreneurs with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) develop, test and refine a business idea.