Funding Roundtables

Get the support you need to raise your next round with values-aligned seed capital through a new approach centered around community learning.

Funding Roundtables are 4-month programs that combine the leadership of an experienced fundraising facilitator with the collective knowledge of founders at similar stages of business. To date, they’ve helped purpose-driven companies raise more than $24M, with approximately 40% raised by female-led businesses.

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Let’s be real. Raising capital from investors can often feel like a mysterious and unknown process. That’s because every day in raising a round can be extremely different from the other – your business keeps evolving, each investor has a unique agenda, and every conversation has its own nuances. 

The best way to succeed in this type of landscape is to openly share insights and knowledge with others who are going through a similar journey. But those people are not always easy to find or open to sharing what they’ve learned. That’s where we come in. 

In each Funding Roundtable, we curate a group of 10 founders who are at similar stages in the fundraising journey and team them up with an experienced fundraising facilitator. Together, they spend 12 weeks collaboratively addressing common fundraising challenges and questions like: 

  • What if I don’t have a lead investor?
  • How do I effectively communicate the value of my business and social impact to an investor?
  • How do I get all of my investors to agree to the same terms?
  • What’s the difference between a priced round and convertible debt?

"This program provided the opportunity to be collaborative in investment strategies with other founders who are at the same stage of business development."

It makes you focus on the areas of raising capital that typically get overlooked when trying to navigate the investment maze

Bryan Statham – CEO, LifeBooster

How does a Funding Roundtable work?

Each cohort runs virtually for 4 months. During that time, you’ll meet every two weeks for 90 minutes with up to 10 companies and your experienced fundraising facilitator via teleconference on Zoom. You group will collaborate to discuss common fundraising hurdles and learn more about topics like: 

  • Creating a bulletproof pitch deck
  • Closing a round
  • Determining the right paperwork to use
  • Understanding key deal terms
  • Getting support with negotiations and closing
  • Understanding the capital spectrum and process
  • Getting ready to speak to investors
  • Understanding valuation
  • Learning how to prepare a good due diligence package
  • Appreciating the nuances of engaging with impact vs. mainstream investors

There are two different roundtable groups available based on the stage you’re at in your fundraising journey.

Which track is right for you?

Preparing to Raise

For entrepreneurs who aren't yet ready, prepared or confident to raise funding. You'll focus on preparation and building the fundamental knowledge and tools to maximize your chance of success.

Ready to Raise

For entrepreneurs who are ready and/or actively raising. You'll receive active support, advice, wisdom, and mentoring from your first investor meetings all the way to receiving the cheque.

A Funding Roundtable is a great fit if...

Your company is purpose-driven, for-profit, and focused on having a positive impact on people and/or the planet

You want to maximize your market opportunity and impact as a for-profit entity

You’ve launched and have a team supporting you

You can demonstrate traction in the form of paying customers, letters of intent, pre-sales, etc. 

You’re seeking equity financing between $150,000 and $1.5M

You have a reliable Internet connection and can meet during weekday business hours in the Pacific time zone (but you can be anywhere around the world)

"Being part of the funding roundtable with other female founders and impact leaders, was amazing."

I was not only able to learn the skills I needed to raise capital, but also had the support of facilitators who knew exactly what I would be faced with. The support, friendship and straight talk was invaluable as we raised. And we did, successfully!

Margery Moore – CEO, ehsAI

Fundraising isn't easy.
Get experienced support to navigate your round.

Your investment: $350/month | Limited to 10 companies per group