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We’ve helped purpose-driven companies raise $18+million to date, with around 40% raised by female-led businesses.

We’re proud of our impact entrepreneurs’ fundraising success.

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What is a Funding Roundtable?

A new approach to raising capital that’s centered around community learning.

Our Funding Roundtables

Raising capital from investors has always been viewed as a mysterious and an unknown process; let us unlock that process and bring clarity to it.

Every day in raising your round is different. Why? Every business, every investor, and every conversation is different. This is why we’ve found that roundtables are the best way to support companies that are actively raising capital.

Each roundtable has up to 10 companies that are at similar stages in their fundraising journeys. Supported by an experienced facilitator, the group collaboratively addresses common fundraising challenges and questions like:

  • What if I don’t have a lead investor?
  • How do I communicate my business and social impact to an investor?
  • How do I get all the investors to agree to the same terms?
  • What is the difference between a priced round and convertible debt?

Who Is It For?

Our Online Funding Roundtables are accessible to anyone in our global community that meet the following criteria:

  • Mission Driven for-profit companies.
  • Anywhere around the world.
  • Working towards improving the world for the better (either through your product/service or through how your business operates).
  • Seeking Equity financing of between $150,000-$1.5million.
  • Launched
  • Have a team
  • Demonstrated traction (paying customers/letters of intent/pre-sales etc.)

Why Join?

Raising capital for the first time?
Never raised from angel investors?

What you will Learn

  • Create a bulletproof pitch deck
  • Information on how to Close the Round
  • Determine the right paperwork
  • Understand key deal terms
  • Get support with negotiation and closing
  • Understand the capital spectrum and process
  • Prepare for how to speak to investors
  • Understand valuation
  • Learn how to prepare a good due diligence package
  • Appreciate the nuances of engaging with impact and mainstream investors
Fundraising isn’t easy, let us help you eliminate unnecessary friction by being prepared.

How It Works

What is the group like?

Bi-weekly 1.5 hour meetings.
Limited to 10 companies per group.
Led by a seasoned facilitator.

Investment & Commitment

$300 CAD/mo membership.
Program is 4 months in duration.

Not ready to raise yet?

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We are with you week over week to support you as you navigate your round.

Limited to 10 companies per Roundtable.