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Erin Millar
Jennifer Li
Gonzalo Tudela
Brianne Miller
“Provided us with the questions to ask and preparation necessary to be strategic in finding potential funders, building a strong connection, and closing rounds. Taught us to fish! Was the most efficient injection of useful knowledge about funding a startup I can imagine.” 
– Steve Anderson & Shamus Reid, Cofounders @ NewMode
“This program provided the opportunity to be collaborative in investment strategies with other founders who are at the same stage of business development. It makes you focus on the areas of raising capital that typically get overlooked when trying to navigate the investment maze”
-Bryan Statham, CEO @ LifeBooster

$18+ Million Raised

In the last 3 years.

Facilitators Who Have First Hand Experience With Raising

Get support from the best facilitators who have experience raising the right equity from impactful investors.

Entrusted To Best Support Entrepreneurs

Spring is the partner organization for the Vancouver Economic Commission, RAISE Collective, VanTec, Active Impact Investments, New Ventures BC, and Wavefront for fundraising training.

What is a Funding Roundtable?

A new approach to business acceleration that’s centered around community learning.

We Are Changing Entrepreneurship Support


Curriculum based programs and lectures only help with getting a basic understanding of strategy, process, and structure.

We’ve found that entrepreneurs learn fastest and feel best supported when they’re able to discuss their opportunities and challenges in a safe but constructive environment. You’ll want to be around others who have real life experience and aren’t afraid to provide honest and transparent feedback.

Roundtables are nothing new:

  • King Arthur’s Knights had a round table.
  • Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Warren G. Harding, Harvey Firestone were in a mastermind group called the Vagabonds.
  • Politicians hold townhall sessions

The concept of surrounding yourself with likeminded peers has been well proven to be an effective way to foster success. They will provide brutally honest feedback, hold you accountable, and push you to greater heights.

It takes a village to raise a business

Our Funding Roundtables


Raising capital from investors has always been viewed as a mysterious and an unknown process; let us unlock and bring clarity to it.

Every day in raising your round is different. Why? Every business, every investor, and every conversation is different. This is why we’ve found that roundtables are the best way to support companies that are actively raising capital.

Each Roundtable has 6-8 companies that are raising similar rounds and facing similar challenges in their fundraising journey. We match an expert facilitator who has successfully raised capital. The group is there to support you with your challenges and provide a safe space for you to address questions like:

  • I can’t seem to get this investor to commit to a meeting. How can I drive urgency.
  • A lead investor will only invest on X terms, but I already have investors who have committed and have cashed in their cheques. What are my options to make all investors happy and not sacrifice my business in the process?
  • This investor is verbally committed, how do I get him to sign a cheque formally!
Imagine having your very own board of advisors

Who Is It For?

Our Online Funding Roundtables are accessible to anyone in our global community that meet the following criteria:

Mission Driven For-Profit Companies

  • Anywhere around the world.
  • Working towards improving the world for the better (through your product/service or through how your business operates).
  • Seeking Equity Financing.
  • Raising $150,000-$1.5million.
  • Ready To Raise

  • Launched
  • Have a team
  • Demonstrated traction (paying customers/letters of intent/pre-sales etc.)
  • Not ready to raise yet? Check out our resources below.

    Why Join?

    Raising Capital for the first time?

    Never raised from angel investors?

    Preparing to Raise

  • Feel prepared when speaking to investors.
  • Understand valuation.
  • Determine the right paperwork.
  • Learn how to prepare a good due diligence package.
  • Create a bulletproof pitch deck.
  • Finding Investors

  • We help with identifying ideal investors.
  • We know almost every serious investor in Canada and many others across the globe. That means we can offer warm intro’s when the time is right.
  • Negotiate & Close

  • What are the different investment vehicles? e.g. SAFE/Convertible Note.
  • Understand term sheets.
  • Get support with negotiation and closing.
  • Fundraising isn’t easy, let us help you eliminate unnecessary friction by avoiding rookie mistakes.

    How It Works

    What is the group like?

    Bi-weekly 1.5 hour meetings.
    Limited to 10 companies per group.
    Led by a seasoned facilitator.
    In-person (Vancouver) or Online

    Investment & Commitment

    $300 CAD/mo membership.
    Program is 4 months in duration.

    Expert Facilitators

    Learn from seasoned entrepreneurs who have raised capital and invested in other companies. 

    Keith Ippel - CEO & Founder of Spring

    Keith Ippel

    CEO @ Spring

    With over 15 years experience as a leader in technology centric businesses, Keith has accelerated the growth of both small and large companies, launched new products, and raised over $20m in angel investment and venture capital. He has an unparalleled ability to collaborate with entrepreneurs, employees, and investors to deliver amazing products to the market. Keith is passionate about creating opportunities that previously did not exist for people and co-founded Spring to bring that into the social venture space.

    Sana Kapadia

    Chief Impact Officer @ Spring, Founder @ RAISE Collective

    Sana brings a rich global background in impact investing, investment banking and equity research, with leading roles at Renewal Funds in Vancouver and EFG-Hermes in Dubai. At Spring, she guides our high growth entrepreneurs in their capital raising journeys. In addition, Sana is the driving force on all things impact at Spring and is committed to fostering an innovative impact entrepreneurship ecosystem as we change the world for the better.

    Vivian McCormick

    Vivian McCormick

    Facilitator @ Spring, Principal @ Good Company Business Advisory

    Vivian was a practicing lawyer in Vancouver for over 10 years, first with a national law firm and then as in-house counsel with Business Development Bank of Canada. As a result of her work with BDC, she decided to take her knowledge and experience further into the business realm as an advisor. She now guides entrepreneurs through various stages of their business, from inception to growth, with a focus on optimizing operations to maximize efficiency and prepare companies to scale.

    Mari Mathews

    Mari Mathews

    Facilitator @ Spring

    Mari Mathews begun her career working internationally for 10+ years in the ski & tourism industry in business development, marketing and partnerships doing business in numerous destinations across the globe. In Oslo, Norway she co-founded Outtt raising over 4 million NOK and driving the company to over seventy thousand monthly active users and 40+ paying customers. Now back in her hometown of Vancouver, Mari devotes her time to helping entrepreneurs navigate raising capital for early stage growth. 

    Mike Winterfield - Spring EiR

    Mike Winterfield

    Entrepreneur in Residence @ Spring, Founder @ Active Impact Investments

    Mike exclusively supports small to medium sized social ventures scale their impact and profit through investments, advising and consulting. He has spent the last decade in a variety of executive roles scaling companies from start-up to $300M by building high performing teams committed to core values. With over 20 years of experience in tech (services and SaaS products) and enterprise sales, his background includes President of Traction Rec, COO of Traction on Demand, President of Randstad Professionals, and VP of Western Canada at Sapphire just to name a few. He has also been recognized as a Top 40 Under 40 during a decade of executive roles with multiple award winning companies.

    We are with you week over week to
    support you as you navigate your round.

    Limited to 10 companies per Roundtable