Impact Investor Challenge

INVESTORS: Learn how to invest and have your money do good.

The next cohort of Spring’s Impact Investor Challenge starts in early fall 2020 with in-person investor and entrepreneur workshops over the course of two months.

The program is designed to walk aspiring early-stage impact investors through the process of creating their impact investing thesis, measuring impact, learning how to find and screen opportunities, assess team, understand the 101 of the due diligence process, negotiations & closing, and exits and returns.

Throughout the training, the investor group will also hear from industry experts and partners, gaining insights, building their network and resources to become successful at impact investing. At the end of the program, investors will award $100,000 in investment to their top chosen company.

The Impact Challenge will leave you with a network of local impact investors, key players in the Vancouver startup ecosystem, and emerging mission-driven companies.

"The Impact Challenge has provided me with a lens through which to view investing on a more holistic level."

As someone coming into the program with minimal investment experience, I left feeling more confident in evaluating companies for both growth potential and alignment with my values. This program attracted an amazing cohort of investors along with dedicated teachers and knowledgeable guest speakers, would recommend to anyone looking to deepen their understanding of impact investment.

Ada Juristovski – Co-Founder at Nala & NA Manager, Customer Success at SAP

What you’ll learn

Investing for Impact

- Investing in uncertain times; Mitigating the pandemic.
- Defining your Impact Investor Thesis
- What is impact investing and how do you measure it?

Deal Mechanics

- The basic due diligence process.
- Negotiations and paperwork.

How to Select Investment Opportunities

- What to look for when evaluating startups.
- Assessing the market opportunity, impact, and team.

Understanding Returns

- Funding venture scale businesses
- Alternative returns in Impact & Exits
- Balancing your portfolio

Program Details


In-person workshops over a meal on Tuesday evenings from 5-8 PM at MNP Accounting.


Accredited Investors 
$5000 Program Fees + $10,000 equity investment commitment in the winning company

Non-Accredited Investors
$2500 Program Fees + $2500 equity Investment commitment in the winning company

*Please note there are only a limited number of non-accredited spots available.

"The quality of the companies, speakers, and participants was high and made it very worthwhile to do."

The Spring Impact Investing Challenge was a great program to connect with other investors and go through a whole process of screening, due diligence, selection and closing on an Angel investment. Highly recommended whether you are a beginning investor or already have more experience.

Frans Tjallingii – Entrepreneur, Investor & Board Member

Learn how to invest for returns and impact.

Applications close on August 31, 2020.

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