Meet our New Members

With every new intake, we find new and exciting entrepreneurs who are changing the world. We launched two new roundtables this month and are happy to share their story with our community. If any of these member’s catch your eye and you would like an introduction, we are happy to connect you.

Sean Elliott
is closing the gap in green transportation. The founder of
TapBike solved the bike sharing problem of expensive docking stations and single style bikes.

What does the future of unmanned aerial systems look like? Ask Eli Hini the founder of ROVIS, a scalable mission control platform that enables true offsite drone teleoperations and data acquisition from anywhere in the world.

Carol Barash has a mission to teach everyone to tell their story. As the founder and CEO of Story2, she is accomplishing this by helping 150,000+ students write inspiring college essays that launch them into success.

Ann Nguyen, co-founder of VDEs, has emerged in the Vietnam startup scene and is not stopping there. VDEs are tools that effectively connect organizers and the venues for easy event planning.

Raya Bidshahrir, an advocate of curiosity and popular science, founded Awecademy, a future-focussed educational organization that is disrupting traditional high school curricula and inspiring students to bring about civilization-level change.

Herman Lo is trying to improve patient care and laboratory communication around the world with innovative imaging solutions at ViewsIQ.

$25B of co-op advertising dollars are needlessly left unused each year. Amber Simpson, CEO of Covault, is putting an end to wasted funding with a platform that gives instant approvals, manages assets, and provides campaign analytics.

Alex King-Harris, co-founder and CEO of YogiTunes, has created yoga music for every type of practice. YogiTunes’ easy-to-use tool makes it easy to build your perfect yoga playlist and match music to your poses.

Tim Bramwell, CPO of Bizteligence has created a MeetingGenius that helps users prepare for, participate in and manage the results of their meetings, so you can get things done!

Leigh Sembaluk is hacking human potential through data and technology as the founder and CEO of Preception. Preception is a portable technology platform that has the ability to train preception, “a taking beforehand”, and has the ability to measure and analyze it.

Sarah Boland is the founder and CEO of Life Lapse, an app for users to make stop-motion videos in a fraction of the time and cost compared to traditional methods of creating of stop-motion videos.

Hao Zhang, director at OneStep Laboratories, has created a personal use device for testing chlorine levels in water.

Phillip Craig, founder of Start the Reaction, created his equity crowdfunding platform for investment in scientific research to accelerate science productivity and output of commercial projects. 

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