Welcoming Our IMPACT Canada Startup Visa Program Entrepreneurs of Winter 2022

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Join us in welcoming this new group of purpose-driven companies and their Founders to the Canadian business and impact ecosystem! Good business isn’t just about financial sustainability anymore; it also asks us to consider the social and environmental good companies make.

Through Spring’s IMPACT Startup Visa Accelerator Program, these entrepreneurs learn about best practices around doing business in Canada and how to plan, measure, and grow their positive impact on the world. 

We invite you to read on and learn about the impact behind these businesses, which range from upcycling livestock waste to reducing global youth unemployment rates! Feel free to connect with them on LinkedIn and give them a hearty Canadian welcome. 🇨🇦

Introducing the Cohort

Boxies Goods Logo Image

Boxies Goods Inc.

Boxies Goods Inc. is an online cross-border platform that delivers authentic Taiwanese groceries and specialties to overseas Asian communities. Their mission is to promote Taiwanese food culture, help overseas Taiwanese communities easily access authentic Taiwanese groceries, and help local Taiwanese stores sell products worldwide. They envision themselves to become the bridge between local stores from Asia and the rest of the world.

Website | LinkedIn

Michael is the Co-founder and CEO of Boxies Goods Inc, which he launched hoping to make the authentic taste of Taiwan more accessible and affordable. After living in a small American town and having to drive 90 minutes to access Asian grocery stores, which lacked Taiwanese brands, Michael decided to launch Boxiefoods. Before launching Boxies Goods in Canada, Michael launched Boxiefood in Taiwan, helping serval Taiwanese local stores and niche brands sell overseas. Michael graduated from Oregon State University with a bachelor’s in business administration in 2020. Besides working, he loves personal and professional development, exercise and plays basketball.

Michael Huang |  Co-Founder & CEO, Boxies Goods Inc.

Ebeano Logo Image

Ebeano Specialty Foods

Ebeano Specialty Foods is the first livestock waste upcycling company in Canada focused on gradually reducing waste that ends up in landfills. By upcycling what is otherwise thrown away, the company is on a mission to reducing greenhouse gas emissions while also producing specialty food that is commonly used in African and Caribbean cuisine. Before Ebeano, these specialty food products had to be imported into Canada. Now, with local supply, Ebeano hopes to reduce the need for cross continent importation of West African meat products.

Website | LinkedIn

Stanhope’s combined passion for protecting the environment and sustainable food production motivated the launch of Ebeano Specialty Foods. Through Spring’s IMPACT Startup Visa Program, and a lifetime of knowledge and experience, he is now ready to scale his business across North America. Stanhope has a degree in Agricultural Engineering, a Diploma in Supply Chain, and a Certificate in Entrepreneurship Management. His academic background coupled with over 30 years of experience in commercial farming and agribusiness, livestock production, processing and distribution, supply chain management and marketing makes him a savvy entrepreneur ready for the next chapter of his business and life!

Stanhope Nwachukwu | Founder & CEO, Ebeano Specialty Foods

Heels and Tech Logo Image

Heels and Tech

Heels and Tech is an Edtech platform that offers several non-code tech courses and helps women of colour transition into the tech world seamlessly by connecting them to highly experienced facilitators in their field through cohort based learning. Through our platform, we have built a strong community of 30k women across 18 countries who have enrolled in our courses which has helped them get higher paying, increasing their pay by USD $5.6 million. Our vision is to close the gender gap in Tech and increase the earnings of our women.

Website | LinkedIn

A tech enthusiast, entrepreneur, and teacher at heart, Bisola’s career has spanned from customer experience, digital strategy, enterprise sales, and fashion entrepreneurship over the past ten years. Before working as a tech consultant in an enterprise company, she helped tech startups build out their digital products. Beyond work, Bisola is a mother of two who enjoys consulting with friends on their various businesses.

Bisola Binuyo | Founder & CEO, Heels and Tech

Microbeyond® Logo Image


Microbeyond® is an antimicrobial technology supplier. When manufactured into products, our antimicrobial additives provide the ultimate surface protection against microbes such as viruses, bacteria and mould, creating more hygienic products with an extended functional lifetime. Currently, Microbeyond® provides Zincoatech© patented technology as an innovative antimicrobial treatment that reduces over 99% of n-SARS-CoV2 and antibiotic-resistant bacteria. It helps filter and deactivate pathogens to reduce the risk of transmission, making indoor spaces, higher-risk work environments, and social interactions safer, especially for those most vulnerable. Increasing the quality of people’s lives and their health is our goal. Zincoatech© Antiviral technology was nominated for the Waterloo Filtration Institute product in 2021.

Website | LinkedIn

Hamidreza is the co-founder and CEO of Microbeyond, which provides antimicrobial solutions with the aim of saving people’s lives, especially against infectious diseases. He received a public education and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Materials Science and Engineering from the University of Tabriz. With over ten years of research experience, his original research papers have been published in the highest-ranked nanotechnology journals. Based on his entrepreneurial interest, he continued his further education in MBA at the University of Tehran, specializing in startup and marketing. Since 2010, Hamidreza founded two companies and worked in multiple industries in a variety of board roles, leveraging his managerial background to drive innovation and grow businesses. Aside from work, he enjoys reading, running, and graphic designing.

Hamidreza Mehr | Co-Founder & CEO, Microbeyond

After obtaining a Master’s degree in Materials Science and Engineering from Iran University of Science and Technology, Parisa went on to gather over ten years of experience in conducting research and developing new synthesis methods and uses for novel nanomaterials. This experience, coupled with a passion for innovation and problem-solving, led Parisa to co-found Microbeyond, a hygiene technology company, to save community lives against the SARS-CoV-2 virus and other infectious diseases. Parisa’s success thus far can be contributed to her well-rounded nature. Apart from her technical expertise in materials science, she thoroughly enjoys and is involved in business roles, including customer experience, sales, and marketing. Parisa can be found spending time with her family and enjoys hiking and cycling.

Parisa Afsari | Co-Founder & Chairperson, Microbeyond

Recours Global HR

Recours Global HR is a global innovative, sustainable and technological HR company specialized in recruitment, payroll, surveys and training. A full spectrum professional innovative HR services firm that has been assisting public-sector organizations, Government, non-profit and for-profit organizations in hiring the brightest professionals and diversifying their industries. Driven by social impact and heavily pegged on the belief that there is a solution to global youth unemployment. The company has won several accolades and recognition such as the MEA Markets awards in UAE, BIZZ Awards in the USA, Forbes top 35 under 35, prestigious AABLA awards, Best Corporate partner for Cancer gala awards for its CSR initiatives.

Website | LinkedIn

Gloria is a strategic entrepreneur, a strong believer of ‘leave no one behind’ and a champion of SDG 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth for all. Having seen the effects of youth unemployment and not being able to find a job herself, she founded Recours Global HR a company that could assist people going through the same effects. With nearly 11 years of industry experience, she built a diverse team of HR professionals focused on developing long-term client partnerships, providing in-depth expertise and delivering the comprehensive HR solutions required in Recruitment, Training, Surveys and Payroll. The results have earned her accolades and she has been featured in several international and local publications as a beacon of excellence, a further testament to her gift of leadership, business and entrepreneurship.

Gloria Michelle Otieno | Founder & CEO, Recours Global HR

TanPak Logo Image


TanPak designs and develops innovative bathing and hydrotherapy solutions empowering disabled, spinal cord sufferers, elderly folk, and other low mobility patients to bathe effortlessly in the comfort of their bed. The solution is an inflatable bathtub including an iOS and Android app to collect and analyze data related to the patient’s bath experience. TanPak also provides patients with specialized bathing and /hydrotherapy services performed by trained and certified experts, helping make the experience more user friendly to patients and their families.


Amin is an electronic engineer who specializes in the creative design and development of innovative products in the medical industry. With extensive experience in designing and developing electronic systems, he has worked on various high-profile projects for companies operating across different industries. Since 2010, Amin has worked with over 10,000 low mobility patients from different regions. He is actively involved in the lives of his users and values talking with them face-to-face to understand their routine problems with the end goal of improving their quality of life.

Amin Hosseini | Founder & CEO, TanPak

Shadman brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise hardware design and business management. His combined degrees, including an MBA and an MSc. in Mechanical Engineering, enabled Shadman to manage a successful consulting firm in Iran, helping him specialize in enterprise development, human resource management, business development and financial management. In addition to providing strategic direction and business goal setting as an experienced executive, Shadman is currently leading a technical effort to optimize and re-design the water pump in the TanPak solution, ensuring its efficiency and competitive advantage.

Shadman Haghighat | Founder & CTO, TanPak

Veni Logo Image


Veni is an affordable and convenient solution to those who regularly order restaurant meals for delivery. Customers pay 40% less than other service providers, while restaurant partners earn more, and drivers attain proper wages and benefits. By operating efficiently and fairly, Veni aims to provide affordable meals to its customers while helping local restaurants through better deals. The magic is in the process—by batching orders and optimizing deliveries, Veni encourages restaurants to operate more efficiently, helping them make significant savings. A positive impact from the Veni model is the reduction of carbon footprint due to conscious planning around batching and delivery.

Website | LinkedIn

Abdullah was the former Technical Lead at Digital World International where he was in charge of acquiring software and web development contracts. What sets Abdullah apart is his commitment and passion for customer satisfaction and leadership. At Digital World, Abdullah led an in-house team of 40+ developers. His former experiences include working in Oil & Gas at Shell, Software Consultancy at Digital World and IoT & AI at Samco Machinery Toronto.

Abdullah Mubushar | Founder & CEO, Veni

Wizar Learning Logo Image

Wizar Learning

Wizar Learning aims to raise a generation of inspired learners by makeing STEM learning accessible, affordable, and engaging for K-8 learners. The objective is to ignite curiosity, build scientific temperament and develop skills for STEM careers through personalization and immersive technologies. Users embark on fun-filled learning trails with experiential learning in augmented reality (AR). The solution is available to students for self-learning and for schools and educators. Educators can leverage the platform to get insights into learning levels and skill gaps. The company has partnered with leading schools and publishers in Asia.

Website | LinkedIn

Sameer is a Serial EdTech Entrepreneur and an Angel Investor. He started his first venture in 1999 and has built and scaled products to serve over 100k teachers and over a million students. He has experience working in Asian and African markets. During his journey, he has been instrumental in raising strategic and venture capital. The company and the founders have received several accolades for their pioneering and innovative work. Sameer is a mentor of change with the Government of India’s Atal Innovation Mission wherein he helps young students learn the ropes of entrepreneurship. Sameer loves spending time with his family, mostly outdoors – tennis, swimming, biking, hiking in nature. He is a Twitter junkie and follows everything crypto, web3, cricket, and Bollywood.

Sameer Buti | Founder & CEO, Wizar Learning

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