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Spring is an activator that grows purpose driven companies.

Spring is about activating growth, breaking out, movement upward and forward: big step changes, actions, and decisions that can and should happen at every stage. It’s all about getting unstuck. We roll up our sleeves to work right alongside founding teams, increasing the probability of success for entrepreneurs.

We know that combining profit and social impact can lead to success in the most fulfilling and complete sense of the word. We partner with purpose-driven, for-profit startups and empower them to create positive change. We believe in 360 degree superior returns. That is, superior returns for not only investors and customers, but also for employees, supply chain vendors, the community, the environment, and beyond. When all stakeholders are treated with respect, everyone thrives.

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Kick is a six week program designed to take your business from idea to startup. A blend of workshops, lectures, fireside chats, and co-working, Kick decreases your time to market and increases your probability of success.


Intensives are designed to fine tune a specific aspect of your entrepreneurial skill set. Be that capital raising, product development, community management, integrated investing, sales strategy, or leadership.


Our activator houses a select group of purpose driven companies that we partner with to catalyze growth in a sustainable and meaningful way.