Our People

Our Executive Team

Keith Ippel, a man wearing glasses and green button-down shirt, smiles with arms crossed.

Keith Ippel (he/him)
Co-CEO & Founder

With over 25 years of experience as a leader in technology & impact businesses and as an angel investor, Keith has accelerated the growth of both small and large companies and raised over $80M in angel investment and venture capital. As a global keynote speaker, teacher, and advisor, he has an unparalleled ability to collaborate with entrepreneurs, employees, and investors to grow businesses and change the world. Keith has trained more than 400 impact entrepreneurs on investment readiness and raising capital, including Hootsuite (first three rounds), StoryTap, SocialNature, Nada Grocery, Foodee ($200m exit), Ministry of Programming, ehsAI (acquired), Brightkit (acquired; 3x in 2 years), Careteam, and FoodMesh.

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Caroline von Hirschberg (she/her)

A female founder, impact investor, business leader, international citizen and mother, Caroline brings these multiple, complementary perspectives to co-leading Spring. Prior to Spring, her experience included building an internationally acclaimed social enterprise developing renewable energy solutions for off-grid households, working for UNICEF in Laos and growing CPG brands in the UK and Ireland. As such, she brings Spring and its global community her deep understanding of the interplay between impact and profit at both a strategic and operational level, firsthand knowledge of testing and iterating both product and business model, and how to build effective partnerships for maximum impact.

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Marlon Thompson (he/him)
Chief Investment Officer

Marlon is an angel investor, startup founder and experienced advocate for diversity in business. He has worked with industry-leading tech and ecommerce startups and has been dedicated to creating pathways to success for underrepresented leaders in the startup ecosystem. He founded Future Capital in 2020 to change the landscape of startup investing across North America. Spring acquired Future Capital in 2023 bringing Marlon onto the Spring Team. He also serves on the Advisory Council for Diversity at lululemon, as a member of the Board of Directors for QueerTech – a Montreal-based non-profit organisation that aims to queer the tech ecosytem, and as a Venture Partner for LOI Venture – a Canadian VC fund lead by Ryan Holmes (Hootsuite Media, League of Innovators).

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Allison Gibson (she/her)
Chief Program Officer

Allison is a social enterprise strategist and entrepreneur based in Toronto. She has a track record for creating impact-driven programs and supporting startups to take scalable business ideas from beta to producing revenue. She provides consulting and program development for purpose-led organizations with a focus on impact and community building. She utilizes her 20 years of experience managing teams and leading projects to help organizations develop training, incubator and accelerator programs.


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Luan Tolosa (she/her)
VP of Growth

Luan is responsible for leading all things growth and expansion across Spring’s business units and entities. Luan is passionate about using her technical knowledge, entrepreneurial experience, and corporate background to empower impact-driven founders, investors, and innovators to make a positive impact in the world.

Luan considers facilitation, operations and curiosity her super powers. She earned her Bachelor’s of Commerce (Honors) from the University of Manitoba, her MBA and Certificate in Social Impact from Queen’s University.

Our Investment Team

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Davina MacPhail (she/her)
VP of Business Development

After a degree in Development Studies, I started my career working in microfinance impact research. I worked in India for over a year and traveled around the country to find partner organizations keen to set up randomized impact evaluations. I then went on to work in the banking sector, working in risk management and client facing roles in leading international banks (Citigroup and HSBC), in London, Paris and Taiwan. Strengthened by these experiences, I then went back to the development world and developed a social enterprise in Cambodia. After four years in the organization, I then went on to work for a Social Impact Investing fund in Paris, Phitrust. I spent four years investing in social enterprises in Europe and Africa.

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Neema Rimber (she/her)
Investment Project Manager

Neema likes to think of herself as an amalgam. With a degree in Economics and International Relations from the University of British Columbia where she was also a MasterCard Foundation Scholar, her academic background and values for support and engagement feed a keen interest in social impact and financial inclusion ventures, especially with underserved and equity-seeking communities. Her experience includes roles in impact measurement, competition policy and operations and logistics and she is excited to bring these intersectional experiences to support the Spring team as a Program Manager.

In her free time you may find her spotting continuity errors and other “cinema sins” on your everyday tv shows and films over a warm beverage.

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Natalie Youssef (she/her)
Investment Project Manager

Natalie is a mission-driven individual with an entrepreneurial mindset and a background in investor relations, compliance, sustainability and the private markets. She strongly believes in the role and power of capital in creating resilient and equitable communities, and is passionate about equipping impact entrepreneurs and investors with the tools needed to thrive and succeed. Throughout her career thus far, Natalie has had the pleasure of assisting early-stage startups and social purpose organizations in Canada with their crowdfunding capital raises and business needs, and developing strong relationships with investors nation-wide. Currently, she supports the operations of Spring’s investment programs.

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Vanessa Ferlaino (she/her)
Investment Project Manager

Vanessa is an award-winning author, artist, and activist. She is honoured to support the impact investment challenge team at Spring, working with ecosystem partners to connect impact ventures with national investors. We also make impact investment more accessible for investors, being able to support both accredited and non-accredited status with deal flow and impact investment education. Outside of Spring, Vanessa is an award-winning author recently featured in Times Square, host/producer of The Human Challenge, certified mindfulness meditation guide on Insight Timer, and founder of The Being Human Foundation.

Andrea Butters Headshot

Andrea Butters
Investment Project Manager

Andrea Butters is an Investment Program Associate based in Toronto. She is a dynamic professional with a diverse background in software engineering, and digital marketing. Her commitment to creating equity in all communities fuels her work. Andrea has a unique blend of technical expertise and interpersonal skills that allow her to promote and advocate for inclusivity and social justice. She is passionate about technology and its potential to drive change. Outside of work, she is dedicated to promoting these values within her community. In her spare time, she enjoys exploring the city she calls home and other vibrant cities around the world.

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Liv Stukator (she/her)
Community Manager

Liv is passionate about building great communities as well as learning and sharing knowledge. She has a background in Global Development and Project Management. Liv started her career at an educational non-profit organization, travelling across Canada providing science, math, and coding programs to Indigenous Youth. Liv has since worked in tech, government and more. She focuses on problem solving, life-long learning, and making an impact in her community.

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Selina Powszedny (she/her)
Investment Operations Manager

As an Investment Operations Manager at Spring, Selina supports the investment team to ensure that all investment programs run smoothly. She enjoys taking on challenges and learning new things, especially when she knows it is making a positive impact. Selina has been passionate about protecting and caring for all beings since a young age. This passion led her to study Environmental Studies and Geography, with a concentration in Urban, Health and Development Studies, at the University of Victoria. She completed an Honours thesis, researching environmental and social sustainability initiatives in urban Cascadia. During her time at university and after, she has worked at various non-profits and companies with a focus on the environment, social justice, and education.

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Nina Yumul (she/her)
Investment Program Associate

Nina is an Investment Program Associate at Spring based in Vancouver. She provides exceptional support to the team with her organizational skills and proactive mindset. She is a go-getter who has a diverse background in marketing, technology, SaaS, business development and retail. She seeks to always make a positive impact wherever she can and her nimble-thinking and detail-orientedness allow her to always be one step ahead. She holds a degree in Speech and Broadcast Communication and has recently finished her post-degree studies in Business Management. Outside of Spring, Nina is passionate about building sustainable and healthy lifestyles through food, physical activity and more.

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Adaeze Zita Edokwe (she/her)
Investment Program Associate

Adaeze is a results-driven Investment Program Associate with eight years of experience in project management and leadership who is passionate about driving success, growth and creating lasting impact for small businesses. Adaeze’s expertise lies in designing and implementing strategic programs that foster sustainability and drive significant growth. When not immersed in the world of business, she finds joy in taking long walks, exploring new paths and spending time with loved ones.

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Shantanu Mehta (He/Him)
Investment Analyst

Shantanu’s an entrepreneur at heart and read economics at UBC. In his sophomore year, he co-founded a biomedical start-up featured by Forbes followed by a dating app, both of which failed. He then went on to work in venture capital to envision start-ups from an investor’s lens, gradually finding himself in the impact space and now supporting investing at Spring.

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Tanguy Montandon (He/Him)
Investment Analyst Intern

Tanguy is an Investment Analyst at Spring Impact Capital, where he conducts financial and market analysis of prospective companies. Before this role, he worked as a sustainable finance analyst at Fondaction and managed the Montreal Propel Impact Fund, Quebec’s first student-led impact investing fund. He loves learning about social and environmental innovation and is passionate about supporting the committed founders who drive this change.

Our Corporate Ops Team

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Tina Ippel (she/her)
VP of Finance and Operations

Tina can be found filling in the gaps wherever they may exist to make sure Spring runs efficiently, focusing on financial and administrative support for the company and operational program support for the team. Tina also leads Spring’s Impact Startup Visa program with an amazing squad, supporting immigrant entrepreneurs from around the world to launch their impact ventures and settle in Canada. She lives by the proverbial notion that there’s a place for everything and everything is in its place, which is why you will find her constantly telling the team to put things in their proper trackers.

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Heena Narula (she/her)
VP of Learner Experience

Heena describes herself as passionately curious. This trait came to the forefront when she founded and managed her own school at 25, leading a team of 15 and positively impacting over 400 families. She believes in equal access to knowledge and creates engaging learning experiences for people of all ages, from 3-year-olds to 60-year-olds. Her efforts have impacted over 8,000 learners in 75+ countries. At Spring, Heena integrates learning philosophies, builds relationships, and uses analytics to design customer experiences driven by operational excellence and data insights.

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KJ Viola (she/her)
Executive Administrative Assistant

In their role as Executive Assistant to Tina Ippel, KJ handles administrative responsibilities and provides support on the Impact Startup Visa Program. With a knack for technology, strong analytical skills, and client-facing experience, KJ is passionate about making a positive impact. Outside the office, KJ is an adrenaline junkie who loves beach vacations and thrilling adventures.

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Justine Ignacio (she/her)
Executive Assistant

Justine, an Executive Assistant to Caroline von Hirschberg, blends years of technical and customer support with a flair for graphic and web design. Committed to ensuring Caroline and the team excel, Justine delves into crime documentaries, enjoys gaming and immerses herself in the world of books during leisure moments.

Our Marketing Team

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Erin Skillen (she/her)
VP of Marketing

Erin is a media professional fuelled by impact. Passionate about the power of storytelling, she draws on her repertoire as a documentarian, journalist, creative writer, podcaster, interactive website producer and social entrepreneur to create compelling marketing strategies and brand experiences to inspire meaningful action.

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Rhea Alleyne (she/her)
Digital Marketing Manager

Rhea has extensive knowledge of brand marketing and is passionate about developing effective content marketing, and digital and social media strategies. With over 6 years of B2B marketing experience delivering profitable solutions to drive brand awareness, attract leads and sustain relationships with existing customers. Rhea has always had a keen interest in making a social impact and supporting the Spring team will allow her to work with like-minded people to bring impactful projects together seamlessly.

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Rithu Jagannath (she/her)
Content Marketing Manager

Through volunteerism, activism and learning, I discovered that my purpose was to make a positive impact in the media and content space. I learned that learning and growing your perspective is the key to becoming more understanding and empathetic to others. So I aimed to share the stories and experiences of those people who have done incredible things for our world and educate the world about the possibilities of the human spirit.

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Meet Trivedi (he/him)
Marketing Coordinator

I have worked in marketing for about 5 years now, creating data-driven marketing strategies, event planning, marketing automation, email campaigns, website management, graphic design, and search engine optimization (SEO). I graduated Master’s in Business Administration from New York Tech Vancouver, where I also worked as a part-time Student Life Assistant, I helped organize various student community engagement events and activities for international students. Outside of work, I’m passionate about everything pop culture & exploring the great outdoors through hiking.

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Taylor Van Luven (she/her)
Content Coordinator

Following an impressive journey spanning various corners of the marketing world, Taylor became a Content Marketer at Spring. Taylor has a background that spans circular economy to entrepreneurship. She is passionate about making a positive impact on our world and facilitates this through Spring’s social media presence and content creation.

Our Global Impact Startup Visa Team

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Loreen Catubay (she/her)
ISV Project Manager

Loreen has over 8 years of experience in bridging purpose and profit through impact in Asia and North America, with a passion for fostering impact-driven businesses and community development. Guided by a human-centered approach, she strives to create an inclusive, sustainable economy. Her journey began with the UN SDGs, particularly Goal 17, which led her into career in fundraising, corporate partnerships, program management, and business impact strategy. Loreen is committed to driving positive social and environmental outcomes through collaborative efforts and purpose-driven endeavours.

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Gina El Kattan (she/her)
ISV Facilitator

Gina is the co founder of a mission focused CPG business, working on supporting small farmers in Egypt. She has appeared on “Dragons Den” and multiple publications such as Globe and Mail, Oakville Beaver and Blogto. Gina loves facilitating and has guest lectured at Duke, U of T, U Waterloo and more. Gina is a graduate of the University of Toronto and the Duke Fuqua School of Business.

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Fabíola Borba (she/her)
ISV Community Associate

Fabíola has been active in the entrepreneurship ecosystem for more than 10 years, as a member of program execution teams and by being a co-founder in an edtech business for over 7 years. She has participated in several startup accelerators in South America and has been a Tedx talker before. At Spring, she brings her passion for Community Building, Immigration and Entrepreneurship!

Our Impact Capital Team

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Graham Day (he/him)
Managing Partner, Spring Impact Capital

Previously Chief Investment Officer at Spring Activator, providing programming for startup entrepreneurs and impact investors. Former Investment Manager at LGT Impact (now Lightrock with $3b AUM) leading climate and agriculture diligence. Former CFO of Sistema.bio, a global regenerative agriculture company. Ex-Oliver Wyman.

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Olivia Hornby (she/her)
Managing Partner, Spring Impact Capital

Former VP at Goldman Sachs Asset Management, in the Alternative Investments & Manager Selection team. Former consultant to Vancity’s impact investing fund portfolio, investor relations at a $5bn London-based hedge fund and portfolio advisor at RBC Dominion Securities.