Foundations in Startup Investing

Foundations in Startup Investing

Build your investment acumen & confidence in one week.

This digestible week-long session will ground you in the role of an investor. Five short daily sessions will show you how to evaluate investment opportunities and combine your existing skill set with your capital to step into venture funding.

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How It Works

We offer years of experience bringing new ideas to market and designing + delivering world-class learning experiences. Real-world case studies and examples are part of each live session. You’ll interact directly with startup founders seeking venture funding in our Live Pitch Sessions, giving you hands-on experience assessing an investment opportunity. Here’s how it breaks down:

  1. Investment Strategies – Design a thesis, strategy and timeline for success
  2. The Investment Process – Explore the end-to-end process of an individual deal and define the path to your next investment
  3. Measuring Startup Success – Use an angel investor lens to assess startup potential
  4. Deal Mechanics – Get a closer look at the technical side of deals in venture investing
  5. Decoding Investor Decks – Get a closer look at the technical side of slide decks in venture investing

You’ll also participate in a live investment lab to synthesize your learnings and test your readiness for investment.

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The course empowered me to believe that I can become an angel investor and that this can be an impactful way to align my dollars and investments with my values.

Taheera Fidaali
Owner – Tula CPA

Meet Your Instructors

“Venture capital is a historically difficult industry to break into. The lack of diversity that exists within the ecosystem creates an even higher barrier for minorities and individuals with non-traditional backgrounds. The most important thing we can do for our network is create the conditions for them to gain meaningful experiences, drive relevant opportunities and develop their own strategy for startup investing.”

Marlon Thompson, CXO of Spring & Your Instructor

“Having raised funds as part of a startup and then part of an early-stage VC firm, I have a deep understanding of what it means to invest at an early stage. I am looking forward to sharing some of this experience with a team of women. We need more women investors at the table so that more capital flows into women founders, but also because investment is an opportunity to build wealth and to be influential on the topics that matter to us. I look forward to demystifying some concepts and sharing what an investment process typically looks like.”

Davina MacPhail (she/her), Director of Partnerships, Spring

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