Active Leader Roundtable Members

Chasing Sunrise - Spring Alumni
Gordon Swenson

Co-founder @ Chasing Sunrise

Categories: Services, Software, Health & Wellness

Two Wheel Gear - Spring Alumni
Reid Hemsing

President, CEO @ 2 Wheel Gear

Categories: Product

Naked Snacks - Spring Alumni
Neil Thomson

Founder, CEO @ Naked Snacks

Categories: Food & Beverage, Product, Services

Thrive Art Studio - Spring Alumni
Jamie Smith & Tara Galuska

Co-founders @ THRIVE Art Studio

Categories: Services, Membership

MakerCube - Spring Alumni
Doug Chan & Adam Ali

Co-founders @ Maker Cube

Categories: Services, Software, Retail

Traveller Collective - Spring Alumni
Darryl McIvor

Founder, CEO @ Traveller Collective

Categories: Product, Services

Outshinery - Spring Alumni
Laurie Millotte

Founder, CEO @ Outshinery

Categories: Services

Amoda Tea
Tegan Woo

Founder @ Amoda Tea

Categories: Food & Beverage, Services

Soapstand - Spring Alumni
Andy Chou

Co-founder, CEO @ Soapstand

Categories: Product

Mavrixx - Spring Alumni
Brent Seal

Mental Health Speaker, Consultant, Trainer @ Mavrixx

Categories: Services, Mental Health

Quupe - Spring Alumni
Angela Hamilton

Co-founder, CEO @ Quupe

Categories: Services, Software, Marketplace

Himalayan Hydration - Spring Alumni
Thomas Neilson

Founder, CEO @ Himalayan Hydration

Categories: Food & Beverage

Luna Nectar
Mia Fiona Kut

Founder @ Luna Nectar

Categories: Product

Manpreet Dhillon

CEO @ Bridge2Work

Categories: Services

Stephanie Sharp

Founder @ F*NANCE

Categories: Services

Kapow Now
Tiffany Shen

Head KAPOWSTER @ Kapow Now

Categories: Food & Beverage

Janna Bishop

Co-founder, CEO @ GRAIN

Categories: Food & Beverage

Brant Cheetham

Co-founde, CEO @ GrowOya

Categories: Product

Practico Analytics - Spring Alumni
Ruben Ugarte

Founder @ Practico Analytics

Categories: Services

Life Lapse
Sarah Boland

Founder, CEO @ Life Lapse

Categories: Software

EP Health
Angus Burke

CEO @ EP Health

Categories: Health & Wellness, Services

Chin Hing Chang

Head of Growth @ Spring

Categories: Services

Fiona Rayher & Hilary Henegar

Co-founders @ Hoovie

Categories: Media, Software, Marketplace

Colin Filliter

Co-founder, Operations Manager @ SuavAir

Categories: Services, Software

See Together Media
Brandon Siemens

Co-owner @ See Together Media

Categories: Services, Media

The Dinner Party
Andrea Hill

Founder, CEO @ The Dinner Party

Categories: Services

Hero Task
Spencer Turbit

CEO @ Hero Task

Categories: Software

Health and Technology District Surrey - - Spring Partners
Ashley Livingstone

Operations Manager @ HealthTech Connex

Categories: Product, Services

Craving Change
Colleen Cannon

Co-Founder @ Craving Change

Categories: Health & Wellness, Services, Software

Andy Mo

Founder, CEO @ Tattle

Categories: Software, Services, Marketplace

Anthony Pak

Founder, CEO @ Priopta

Categories: Services, Software

Isabelle Swiderski

Founder, Creative Director @ Seven25

Categories: Services, Consulting

Roche Online Business Services
Debbie Roche

Founder @ Roche Online Business Services

Categories: Services

Steve Parr
Steve Parr

Co-Founder @ Parr Business Law

Categories: Services

Jennie Biltek
Jennie Biltek

Personal + Spiritual Development Mentor @ This is Jenny Alexis

Categories: Services, Consulting

Art of Pottery
Marcin Zmudzinski

Business Owner @ Art of Pottery

Categories: Product

Ava Mirfendereski

Co-founder, COO @ BIRO

Categories: Services, Software

QiiQ Healthcare
Dave Brown

Founder, CEO @ QiiQ Healthcare

Categories: Health & Wellness, Product, Software

Ji-Youn Kim
Ji-Youn Kim

Founder @ Ji-Youn Kim Consulting

Categories: Services, Consulting, Mental Health

Active Funding Roundtable Members

Nada Grocery (formerly Zero Waste Market) - Spring Alumni
Brianne Miller

Founder, CEO @ Nada

Categories: Food & Beverage, Retail

meatme - Spring Alumni
Victor Straatman

Founder, CEO @ MeatMe

Categories: Food & Beverage

Discourse Media
Erin Millar

Founder, CEO, Editor-in-chief @ Discourse Media

Categories: Media, Services

Volta Air
Kris Malek

CEO @ Volta Air

Categories: Product, Services

Bryan Statham

Founder, CEO @ LifeBooster

Categories: Product, Software

Very Good Butchers - Spring Alumni
Mitchell Scott

Bean Butcher @ The Very Good Butchers

Categories: Food & Beverage

Nano-lit - Spring Alumni
Sarah Morgan

Founder, CEO @ Nano-Lit Technologies

Categories: Product

Amy Lifestyle
Samantha Simonton

Founder, SheEO @ AMY Lifestyle

Categories: Services, Software

Fit Mama
Michelle Caira

Founder, CEO @ Fit Mama

Categories: Services, Health & Wellness

Upptack Studios
Sara Tekle

Co-founder, CEO @ Upptack Studios

Categories: Software, Edutech, Media

Alexandra Nestertchouk

Founder, CEO @ HopKidz

Categories: Services, Software

Learning Branch
Patricia Macleod

Co-founder, CEO @ Learning Branch

Categories: Software, Services

Emily Lutyens

Co-founder, CEO @ LegWorks

Categories: Product

Embrace Orthopaedics
Zack Eberwein

CEO @ Embrace Orthopaedics

Categories: Product, Health & Wellness

GreenThumb Technology
Jen McGuinness

Founder, CEO @ GreenThumb Technology

Categories: Product, Software

Fathom Systems
Elena Karamushko & Guy Lain

Co-founders @ Fathom

Categories: Product, Software

Merideth Schutter

Founder, CEO @ PROtect

Categories: Software

Nichola Lytle

Founder, CEO @ EduFunder

Categories: Services, Software

Jordan Brighton

Co-founder, CEO @ Virtro Entertainment

Categories: Product, Services, Software, AR/VR

Capiche Capital
Jim Atherton

Co-founder, CEO @ Capiche Capital

Categories: Services, Software

Arts Vista
Franziska Mielke

Co-founder, COO @ Arts Vista

Categories: Software, Services, Marketplace

Agile Humanities Agency
Dean Irvine

Director @ Agile Humanities Agency

Categories: Software, Services

Leigh Sembaluk

Founder, CEO @ Preception Technology

Categories: Product, Services, Software, Sports

Vanessa de Waal

Founder, CEO @ CalendHer

Categories: Software, Services

IZWELL Collective
Julie Connolly

Founder, CEO @ IZWELL Collective

Categories: Health & Wellness, Services, Retail

Kamyar Keikhosravy

Founder, CEO @ picoTera

Categories: Product, Software

Eric Franzo
Eric Franzo

Founder @ Purposely

Categories: Services, Software, Marketplace

Margery Moore
Margery Moore

President @ Moore & Gasperecz Global

Categories: Software, Services

Alumni Community

ThisFish - Spring Alumni
Eric Enno Tamm

Co-founder, CEO @ This Fish

Categories: Product, Services, Software

Mladen Jovicic & Cassandra Nelson

Co-founders @ AIVIA Speaker

Categories: Product