Healthy Benefits: Spring Alumni Save 20% with Karl Jung Financial

Calling all entrepreneurs who are looking for a cost effective way to incorporate health benefits into their business! We have good news — our Partners over at Karl Jung Financial are offering a special discount for our Spring Alumni on setting up a Health & Welfare Trust.

First of all though — what is a Health & Welfare Trust? Good question, and it’s important so let’s dive in:

A Health & Wellness Trust is a self-funded medical and dental program that allows you to make your personal health and dental expenses a tax deductible business expense. That’s right, instead of paying from your own pocket you can use corporate dollars from a CRA compliant trust, which makes it far more tax efficient. Where most plans usually require a minimum of 3 employees on the plan, this one has no minimum of employees required.  

Having a Health & Welfare Trust allows you, your family and your employees and their dependents to get their dental and medical expenses picked up. So, are you eligible? If you can answer yes to the following points then you qualify:

  • Are you incorporated?
  • Do you have active income?

There are no premiums to pay to keep the trust running, just a 10% admin fee for each receipt submitted which is tax deductible, so once you’ve paid the setup fee, that’s it.

Interested in taking advantage of this offer?

Karl Jung Financial is offering all Spring Alumni 20% discount on the $250 set up fee, bringing the cost down to $200 until September 25th, 2017. Simply mention this blog post when you contact them at ajung@dccnet.com and provide information on which Spring Program or Workshop you participated in.

Rhea Alleyne
Rhea Alleyne

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