Intro to VC Fund Investing

INtro to VC Fund investing

Prepare to become a limited partner in a VC fund.

The session provides investors with the language and core concepts needed to build confidence around fund investing. We’re making fund investing more accessible by introducing you to its frameworks, processes and financial commitments.

Presented by Spring in collaboration with Spring Impact Capital & Spring Collective.

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What You’ll Learn

This program is designed to prepare you for the role of limited partner venture capital fund while connecting with a like-minded community of investors. It will cover:

  1. Intro to Startup Investing – Understanding the relatively new, alternative asset class of early stage startup investments.
  2. VC + Wealth Management – How high risk, high reward private equity fits into the capital market, including its benefits and challenges.
  3. Fund Structures + Strategies – Explaining what a venture capital fund is, the basic structures used and why investors might choose this asset class.
  4. Returns + Exits – Identifying the basic unit economics of fund investing to understand how and when funds make money.
  5. VC Stakeholders – Exploring the functional roles of every member of the fund team and the key players in the broader landscape.
  6. Fund Mechanics – Articulating the role that capital calls play in venture capital fund management.
  7. Impact of Fund Investing – Differentiating fund investing from other forms of investing and/or philanthropic spending & developing a personal values-based thesis to determine target funds.

Who’s This Program For?

This program is open to Canadians and Americans of any gender with any level of investment experience, who have the financial capacity to invest at the fund level. No prior experience or programs are required to participate.

This program is free of charge with limited seats available.

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Program Schedule

This program runs once per week for seven weeks at 4PM PT/7PM ET starting on Wednesday, May 1st. Spaces are limited to nurture an intimate, interactive and engaging learning experience. We’re accepting applications on a rolling basis, so sign up asap to avoid missing out.

Meet Your Instructor

Marlon Thompson, a bearded man wearing a white button-down shirt, sits with hand resting on one knee

“Venture capital is a historically difficult industry to break into. The lack of diversity that exists within the ecosystem creates an even higher barrier for minorities and individuals with non-traditional backgrounds. The most important thing we can do for our network is create the conditions for them to gain meaningful experiences, drive relevant opportunities and develop their own strategy for startup investing.”

– Marlon Thompson (he/him), CXO of Spring & Your Instructor

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