Announcing the Launch Challenge: A $10,000 Grant for B.C. and Yukon Entrepreneurs

Spring Activator's 2021 Launch Challenge

In July 2020, Spring Activator announced the launch of its Business Resilience Program, an initiative to build collaborative partnerships to help educate entrepreneurs and small business owners in British Columbia and across Canada about resources available to them to help navigate economically challenging times.

In less than a year after the Business Resilience Program’s launch, it has expanded into a collaborative effort with over 10 partners. To date, the program has supported the growth of over 600+ entrepreneurs across British Columbia, helping them take the necessary actions to thrive after the setbacks of 2020.

With over 50 virtual masterclasses, bi-weekly live webinars, and a new Incubator Series, the program has proven itself to be an important tool for entrepreneurs and their individual businesses, and also for economic health across the province and in partner communities beyond British Columbia.

We know that economic support, especially when provided hand-in-hand with know-how, plays an impactful role in helping businesses advance and hold their own through tumultuous periods. That’s why we have incorporated regular grant competitions into our Business Resilience Program. Following the 2020 Build Back Better Challenge, we are now proud to collaborate with our program partners to announce the Launch Challenge.

Introducing the Launch Challenge

The Launch Challenge is a newly-established $10,000 grant to help entrepreneurs and business owners in various communities in British Columbia and the Yukon to invest in launching anything from a new business to a product or service. It is designed to equip businesses with new skills to thrive through the completion of online learning within the Business Resilience Program.

One grand prize winner will receive $10,000 to help launch a new aspect of their business, while numerous other prizes are available including a Digital Marketing & Strategy package co-sponsored by RW Digital and Tiny Planet Digital. All participants will be featured in a special edition newsletter by Spring Activator.

To enter the Challenge, participants need to join the Business Resilience Program, complete certain milestones within the program, and submit a business plan. The deadline to enroll in the program to be eligible for the Challenge is June 15th, 2021.

Who Can Enter the Launch Challenge

If you are a member with any of our program partners: VanCity, Campbell River, Coast Capital, First Credit Union, the Township of Langley, Yukon University, Destination BC, Powell River, the City of Richmond, the City of Squamish, or the Sunshine Coast, you are eligible! If you know someone who is, share this Challenge with them and join our mission to help small businesses thrive.

Find out more about the Launch Challenge and what you need to do to enroll and enter for a chance to win $10,000!

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