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Business Activate Program

Activate your business growth in 2022 and beyond

Program Overview

Running a business can be challenging, but we’re here to support you. Formerly known as the Business Resilience Program, a program created to help entrepreneurs navigate the pandemic, Activate is a natural extension of that support, designed to offer early stage impact entrepreneurs the tools and resources to help gain confidence in activating growth in 2022 and beyond. Through Activate, you’ll have access to resources and expertise around funding, talent, digital marketing and other topics that arise as key interest areas. What makes this program different is that we’re 100% committed to helping you make a positive impact through your business! 

June to August 2022 Sprint Topics

Investment Readiness

Thinking of how to fund your small business? Build your capacity to participate in Canada’s growing social finance market and explore different financing approaches.

Marketing for Impact

There is value in a great story, in your story. Tell your impact story to convey the valuable work that you do, in a way that only you can!

Build and Lead Impactful Teams

Teamwork makes the dream work. Explore insights on creating and keeping a healthy, productive team that can communicate, cooperate and innovate.

Florence Navarro is hosting this FREE webinar to support your recruiting efforts during these uncertain times. She will be sharing expert insights on building out teams in early-stage businesses.

This webinar is brought to you by the Discovery Foundation Business Activate Program.

Supporting Resources

✔️ 30 Day Sprint Approach

Themed monthly sprints with clear learning objectives to help focus and make the best use of your time for tangible outcomes.

✔️ Video Tutorials

Get instant online access to short videos on topics ranging from finances to team planning to marketing. Updated monthly with new topics and the latest insights.

✔️ 1-on-1 EiR & IiR Support Calls

Hosted by experienced entrepreneurs and investors, this is your opportunity to hop on a 1-on-1 call to get tailored expert advice on any questions or challenges you might have.

✔️ Monthly Webinars

Sometimes it helps to tune in real time! Monthly webinars provide entrepreneurs an opportunity to listen and ask for advice about challenges they’re facing from subject matter experts in the field.

✔️ Community Brainpower

You’re not alone on this journey! Access an online community hub where you can ask questions, share challenges, and connect with a wider community of entrepreneurs.

✔️ Actionable Worksheets

Designed to help you focus on what really matters and translate what you learn into a practical action plan for you and your business.

Free Program Access With Our Partners

We partner with the following  credit unions to provide FREE access exclusively for their business owners, entrepreneurs and non-profit leaders. If you belong to any of these communities and credit unions, sign up for FREE today!

If you don’t belong to one of our partners, you can still sign up to the Activate course for just $18 per month.

Would you like to bring the Activate Program to your organization? Become a Partner


“Going through the program reminded me that being connected to other people in business is really important.”

“We are excited to use this grand prize to continue being better with the standards we’ve set as a socially and environmentally conscious company.”

“In terms of our growth, we’re excited to take our sales and expand them to Vancouver Island! I want to say a huge thank you to Spring and the amazing program they’ve created. It’s been a huge help!”

– Margot Jantz, Director of Operations at 32 Lakes Coffee Roasters

“I joined the Activate Program for 2 reasons. 1, I wanted to get actionable pieces of advice. Something that I can incorporate into my business right now as we are growing. 2, I wanted to hear how local entrepreneurs grew, where they started. I really wasn’t disappointed with these videos.”

“The video Digital Marketing, the what why and how was super useful for me, especially when we are having to make decisions based on where we are going to market, how we are going to market, how do we make our marketing dollars count.”

– Andrew McKillop, Founder of Mill+Commons


  • Entrepreneurs conducting research development, marketing research, and product business development
  • Businesses continuing to stabilize either production or product quality
  • Businesses continuing to situate systems and formal planning
  • Businesses that are pre-launch
  • Businesses with that are pre revenue-$100,000 in revenue
  • Entrepreneurs running a small business with 1-5 employees including self and friends/family volunteers

Each monthly sprint’s resources and content are available on our learning management system when you sign up for the program.

Yes there are recordings for the monthly webinar sessions available to members enrolled in the program. These can be accessed on our learning management system when you sign up for the program or sign back in to the program.

If you are not a member of our partner communities, you can sign up for a subscription at $18/ month. If at any point you wish to cancel your subscription you can do so by emailing with “ATTN: Cancel Activate Program Subscription” as the subject line. 

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