Yukon Investment Challenge

A place-based edition of Spring Activator’s Investor Challenge—building a culture of early-stage angel investing and purpose-driven entrepreneurship in the Yukon.

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About the Program

The Yukon Investment Challenge is a 10-week program facilitated by Spring Activator and consists of weekly interactive sessions and a pitch night that will run from January to early March 2023.

Accredited and aspiring local investors will be introduced to investment-ready ventures in the region, along with early-look companies with high future investment potential. Participating investors will learn how to evaluate prospective investments in emerging startups in and around the Yukon, and entrepreneurs will be guided towards being investment-ready for a chance to win $50,000* of investment funding from the investor cohort.

This collaborative initiative between Spring Activator, Yukon University, Yukonstruct, and Yukon Venture Angels is funded in partnership with the Canadian Northern Economic Development Agency.

At the end of the program, the investor cohort will award up to $50,000* in investment to one Yukon-based startup.


*The amount is subject to change based on the final investment and the number of investors

We believe by connecting entrepreneurs with investors through this program they will receive the skills, knowledge and networking they need to continue their business development. We place great value in continuing to support a strong sense of community through place-based investment.

Lauren Manekin Beille, Department Head of Innovation & Entrepreneurship at YukonU

Access to investment is key for Yukon businesses as they grow and innovate. This program will support the growing local investment ecosystem in our territory by training both companies and investors.

Lana Selbee, Executive Director of Yukonstruct

Who is the Yukon Investment Challenge For

The Challenge is a 10-week training program that consists of an investor track and an entrepreneur track. It is for individuals seeking to make angel investments in Yukon-based startups, and also for purpose-driven entrepreneurs in the region looking to fundraise.

Investor track participants will navigate the ins and outs of early-stage investing while those in the entrepreneur track will prepare for the capital-raising process. Across the program, investors will select five companies to accompany them into the core program where both parties will collaboratively go through a due diligence process. The program will culminate in a final pitch night where one winning startup will be selected to receive investment. 

Throughout the program’s 2-hour weekly sessions—delivered live and virtually—participants will hear from industry experts and have the chance to gain insights, build their networks, and acquire resources to become successful in their respective domains.

The Yukon Investment Challenge is about more than one final investment winner and will leave all participants with a community of purpose-driven investors, key players in the Yukon startup and innovation ecosystem, and startups looking to enrich the Yukon and beyond with their innovative ideas.

We have built an 8 sessions Investment Readiness Training to best prepare you for this challenge. So if you think you would like to participate in the Yukon Investment Challenge but are unsure of the investment readiness stage of your company apply to our IRT program on the button below.

We believe that encouraging private sector startups and investment is critically important for Yukon’s long term social and economic health—building a foundation for resilient and adaptive communities.

Barrett Horne, President of Yukon Venture Angels

Apply Now to Secure Your Spot

Entrepreneur Track

Applications will be open in January. If you want to get involved and prepare for the challenge you can apply to the Yukon Investment Readiness Training below

Spring Impact Investor Challenge 2019 Winner Open Ocean Robotics

Investor Track

Applicants are reviewed and accepted on a rolling basis until cohort is filled



If you would like to learn more about the program and determine whether your company or project is a good fit, please book a call with one of our team members

Daniel Tan

Yukonstruct Society

Graham Day

Spring Activator

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