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Change the world by making every business an impact business.

Learn How to Invest and Amplify Your Positive Impact

The Impact Investor Challenge is a 10-week, online training program that empowers impact investors to invest in purpose-driven businesses that align with their values and target returns.

As we seek to diversify the impact investing ecosystem and drive sustainable solutions to global challenges, we have designed this program to serve both accredited investors as well as non-accredited investors and individuals seeking to make a difference through the power of impact capital.

This program may be for you if:

  • You want to learn about impact investing
  • You are seeking to make an investment into an impact venture and gain exposure to purpose-driven companies
  • You are looking for ways to support innovation
  • You want to learn how you can leverage your capital to support your community

As a part of our Impact Investor Challenge’s investor cohort, you will gain insights, build your network, and acquire resources to become successful at impact investing.

At the end of the program, participating investors will collectively award $100,000 in investments to their top chosen company from the entrepreneur cohort which runs in parallel.

The Impact Challenge will leave you with a network of impact investors, key figures in the national impact investing community, and emerging mission-driven companies.

Spring Impact Investor Challenge 2019 Winner Open Ocean Robotics

What You Will Learn

Investing for Impact

Investing for Impact

➜ Investing in uncertain times and mitigating the pandemic
➜ Defining your impact investor thesis to reflect what impact means to you
➜ What is impact investing and how do you measure it?

Deal Mechanics

Deal Mechanics

➜ The due diligence process, including investor portfolio and taxation strategies
➜ Negotiations and paperwork

Selecting Investments

How to Select Investment Opportunities

➜ How to find impact companies and screen pitches
➜ What to look for when evaluating startups
➜ Assessing the market opportunity and measuring impact
➜ Evaluating teams

Understanding returns

Understanding Returns

➜ Funding venture scale businesses
➜ Exits in impact and alternative returns for companies that may not exit
➜ Balancing your portfolio

2021 National Program Speakers

2021 Vancouver Program Details (Fall)

  • We accept applications on a rolling basis with the next cohort kicking off in October
  • Program duration: 10 weeks
  • Online 2-hour workshops once per week on Tuesday evenings, exact time TBD

Accredited Investors (15 spots)
  • $5,000 Program Fees
  • $10,000 equity investment commitment in the winning company

Non-Accredited Investors (10 spots)
  • $2,500 Program Fees

* Special rates apply for clients of our partners

Interested in Investing in Impact?

Program Partners

Join the 2021 National Impact Investor Challenge Finale

Attend the final pitch night of the 2021 National Impact Investor Challenge on Thursday, June 17th starting at 4 PM PST to witness live which of this cohort’s Top 5 impact startups will be awarded $100,000 in investments.

2021 National Impact Investor Challenge Top 5 Startups: Ample Labs, RainStick, Gotcare, Speakbox, and Moment Energy