Building a Basic Top of Funnel

Posted on: October 29, 2017 Posted by: Keith Ippel Comments: 0

Building a Basic Top of Funnel


You hear marketers and salespeople talk about “the funnel” all the time. Fill the funnel. Top of funnel. Funnel. But what IS this funnel? And how DO you fill it?

Spring does away with metaphors and talks about some of the best ways to attract and identify potential clients for your business. In our Guide “Building a Basic Top of Funnel”, we discuss:

  • The stages of a sales funnel and how they relate to your business.
  • The pros and cons of various lead-generation efforts.
  • How building out a comprehensive content library will help your future lead generation efforts.

Don’t wait for clients to come to you. Fill out the form to the right and get your free copy of our Guide for Building a Basic Top of Funnel.

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