Weekly Funding Roundup: November 17th, 2017

Spring Activator Weekly Idea Roundup
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Weekly Funding Roundup: November 17th, 2017

Hi everyone, check out the newest installment of our Funding link roundup. Here are some resources that may help out those in the process of raising money for their business. Enjoy!


Example of an effective angel network

While there are a number of high-quality angel networks, it can be hard for both investors and companies to find the right ones. Look at Open Angel Network in Vancouver as an example, with a strong track record of company curation and investor engagement that has resulted in completed investments well above the industry average.


A new way to funding local and community-based startups

Wayblaze has launched to help local-centric startups through to community projects raise from the crowd. The focus is good, and what makes the platform unique is the ability for entrepreneurs to raise in all forms – rewards, loans, and equity. Take a look and review the NADA campaign as an example of a hugely successful campaign!


Inspiration for mind and wallet

Another great piece on the mindset of investors from our friends at Spring family company, Oslo based Rank & File.


Tooling up:

Spring’s Due Diligence workshop will help you prepare for, and navigate through the due diligence process with investors. Backed by MNP and Dentons, you’ll have the tools and insight you will need to create or optimize your approach and package.


Keith Ippel, CEO and Co-Founder @ Spring

With over 15 years experience as a leader in technology-centric businesses, Keith has accelerated the growth of both small and large companies, launched new products, and raised over $20m in angel investment and venture capital. He has an unparalleled ability to collaborate with entrepreneurs, employees, and investors to deliver amazing products to the market. Keith is passionate about creating opportunities that previously did not exist for people and co-founded Spring to bring that into the social venture space.

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