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Meet the Top 5 Ventures | 2023 Health Impact Investor Challenge

Meet the Top 5 Innovative Canadian Healthcare Ventures of the Future We live in a world where technology is advancing rapidly and it is important to pay attention to how these rapid advancements impact healthcare technology. The healthcare industry is seeing a surge of innovative startups leveraging cutting-edge technologies to …

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Introducing The Top 5 Quebec Cleantech Startups

Meet the Top 5 Cleantech Startups Quebec has become a hub for cleantech innovation, with a growing number of startups emerging to address some of the most pressing environmental challenges of our time. From alternate renewable energy to v sustainable fertilizers, these innovation ventures are leading the way in creating …

Quebec Cleantech Investment Challenge
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Meet the Ventures: Quebec Cleantech Investment Challenge

Meet the Top 14 Cleantech Startups We’re thrilled to announce the top 14 startups participating in the Quebec Cleantech Investment Challenge, powered by HSBC, competing for $100,000 in funding to develop their innovative climate solutions. Over the next 12 weeks, these Quebec-based ventures will learn how to strategically navigate the …

Campbell River Impact Investor Challenge Top 5 Ventures
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The 2021 Campbell River Impact Investor Challenge Top 5 Ventures: Get to Know the Cohort

The second Pitch Night of the 2021 Campbell River Impact Investor Challenge has taken place and the Top 5 startups proceeding into the core program alongside the investor cohort have been chosen! Starting with 20 top British Columbian impact companies, this place-based Challenge has so far taken participating investors through two difficult …

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6 Ways of Funding a Business Before Talking to Investors

When it comes to funding a business, raising from investors seems to be a popular option. But it’s not the only one! As you launch and grow your business you want to consider all possible opportunities – also known as non-dilutive options because they don’t involve giving up equity – …