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Visiting Our Newest City Partner in Belgrade, Serbia

For the first time this December, Keith Ippel, Co-Founder at Spring, will be traveling abroad to visit Spring’s newest City Partner, Impact Hub Belgrade in the capital and largest city of Serbia. Over a total of five cities in twelve days, Keith will be putting Spring in front of entrepreneurs and the communities around the world making sure we’re delivering value and supporting them.


How To Speak As A Leader In Everyday Conversations

Communication is one of the most important skills in life. Whether you’re pitching a potential investor, or sharing an idea with a colleague, the words you choose will determine the outcome of your conversation. How can entrepreneurs make sure they are connecting their ideas to their audience? Jess Tang, Speaking Coach and Motivational Speaker shares three habits effective leaders do in everyday conversations. That was the topic of her workshop last weekend at Vancouver’s YWiB Beyond Conference 2016.


SOCAP Conference Recap: Impact Investing Not Just A Trend

SOCAP, a leading global conference on the burgeoning fields of impact investing and social entrepreneurship, is all about moving the needle on how impactful business is done, how mission-aligned capital can support those journeys and how innovative and impact ecosystems are built and fostered.


How MuseFind Scaled While Sustaining Their Company Culture

Hiring and growing your team can be a scary move for many startups, especially when it also involves ceding control. Recently featured in Forbes Magazine, CEO and Co-Founder Jennifer Li of MuseFind, an influencer marketing platform for media and publications, shares how she made the decision to scale her team from three to thirteen without losing sight of team culture along the way.


Alumni Diaries: Keela

Nejeed Kassam began his career in the world of law. Most recently, we caught up with him on his new journey into entrepreneurism as the CEO and Founder at Keela, a technology system aimed to ease management for non-profits. 


Funding Stories: CopyPants

“Every business needs a specific list of skills. No person has it all. Advisors and mentors have helped our business grow by discovering our weaknesses and being the bridge to finding a solution and improving on them. ”


How To Find Your Ideal Cofounder

You are in Canada and about to start a startup! You’ve got the idea. You’ve got the monetization. Maybe you even have a basic proto-type but you need a cofounder with complimentary skill sets. The key here is complimentary.


Alumni Diaries: Stumply

Today we catch up with Hardeep Shoker. Their new app, Stumply, helps you track your home’s energy and water usage to save money and create a greener future.


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