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Alumni Diaries: Keela

Nejeed Kassam began his career in the world of law. Most recently, we caught up with him on his new journey into entrepreneurism as the CEO and Founder at Keela, a technology system aimed to ease management for non-profits. 


Funding Stories: CopyPants

“Every business needs a specific list of skills. No person has it all. Advisors and mentors have helped our business grow by discovering our weaknesses and being the bridge to finding a solution and improving on them. ”


How To Find Your Ideal Cofounder

You are in Canada and about to start a startup! You’ve got the idea. You’ve got the monetization. Maybe you even have a basic proto-type but you need a cofounder with complimentary skill sets. The key here is complimentary.


Alumni Diaries: Stumply

Today we catch up with Hardeep Shoker. Their new app, Stumply, helps you track your home’s energy and water usage to save money and create a greener future.


Empowering Workplace Culture Q&A with Stephanie Jhala

tephanie is a multidisciplinary and creative force in the realm of business, social impact and leadership. She’s the founder of THE PACK girl gang, a community empowering women to reach their ultimate goals and, an online leadership program and mastermind group for the boldest purpose-driven CEO’s and founders (launching soon).


Welcome to SpringU: Jeff Hemmett

We’re excited to introduce Jeff as the newest addition to SpringU team. Jeff will be wearing many hats, with main focus on business development and admissions. Read on to learn about Jeff and get in touch with him at jeff@spring.is


Good Co-founders are the Hardest Pokémon to Catch

here is a common belief amongst entrepreneurs that having a co-founder is essential for building a business. This presumption has become something of a cookie cutter answer for any business problem — one which we believe is costing entrepreneurs far more time, pain and money than it’s worth.


4 Not To Be Missed Events At Startup City: IMPACT

This week, along with our partners at Vancouver Economic Commission, we are showcasing, educating and connecting like-minded entrepreneurs in Vancouver who want to change the world, and we can’t wait to see you at some (or all!) of the fantastic events we have lined up. Here are the ones not to be missed.


Welcome To Spring: Sana Kapadia

We’re excited to announce that Sana Kapadia is the newest member of the Spring Team! She will be helping to expand our FUNDING and Capital Raising Bootcamp programs.


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