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Go From Idea to Clarity Wherever You’re Starting Up!

Join the Kick community to get the Skills, Mindset and Global Network to launch your startup no matter where you are. Graduates from our 4 week program receive lifetime support from a growing international community of experts and fellow entrepreneurs. Spring has helped launch startups from all over, from Canada’s Yukon, down to Venezuela, as well as right here in Vancouver, BC! Not sure? Attend a FREE webinar to learn more about the program or just email

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What You’ll Get:

Blended Program (Virtual and In-Person)
8 sessions / 4 weeks
6 – 9 PM PST Tuesdays & Thursdays
Ongoing Access to Spring Mentor Network
Start Dates: Sept 8, Oct 6 & Nov 3

Kick is an incubator program, designed to take you and your business from the earliest stages to a clear reality. “Kicksters” spend two nights per week in-class, planning and validating their ideas with the support of the Kick Vancouver team and over 20 mentors and advisors.

A blend of workshops, lectures, fireside chats, and co-working decrease a startup’s time to market and increase an entrepreneur’s probability of success. We create the one place you need for everything to get your startup off the ground. Pre-work and homework connect the sessions and weeks as you progress toward graduation.

Ready for Kick?

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Are you building the next Kickstarter, Etsy or Tom’s Shoes? Are you looking to get the tools and mentorship necessary to grow a million dollar business?

We’re searching for ambitious entrepreneurs of all types: for-profits and non-profits, and hybrid models. Whether you’ve already launched and simply need clarity on how to move forward, or you’re in the ideation of your business, our Kick curriculum provides applicable learnings for all stages.

Kick is your business incubator, here to help you through the difficult path from idea to launched startup. So if any of the above was relevant to you, then yes you’re ready.

To get a personalized assessment of your suitability, schedule a 15 minute consultation with us. Also you can get in touch with Ilya at (778) 837-6206 or

Kick Curriculum

Weeks 1 & 2: Value Proposition and Customer Discovery

Session 1: Goal Setting – Assess where you are and how Kick can best help you.

Session 2: Business Model Canvas – Go beyond the BMC to see where true growth is and can be.

Session 3: MVP & Learn Metrics –  Evaluate the potential of your startup through an MVP before investing valuable time, energy or money.

Session 4: Customer Discovery – “Get out of the building” (a.k.a. go talk to real live people!) to get a better sense of customer demand before embarking on product development or marketing. We live and breathe customer discovery.

Weeks 3 & 4: How to Position, Launch and Grow your Startup

Session 5: Build a sales process to Scale fast.

Session 6: Create a compelling marketing and branding strategy on a startup budget

Session 7: How to hire, get legal help and take advantage of grants.

Session 8: Learn how to get the funding you need by learning to pitch.

These lessons will detail how to create a launch strategy that attracts your target audience and turns them into early evangelists. We’ll show you how to position your product so that it seems so valuable, customers will gladly pay for it. This week will teach you effective marketing, sales and branding…all necessary to create an insanely happy experience for your customers.

Check out our detailed Curriculum HERE.

Kick Mentors

Kick includes on-going Mentorship and customized introductions to leading entrepreneurs, mentors and investors

You’ll interact and learn from 30+ hand-picked experts, each with their own unique approaches, strategies and tactics. Some examples include:

  • Learn how to master start-up marketing with Mike Rowlands of Junxion Strategy and Rory Holland of Change Agents.

  • Hear Sonia Ryan explain how she created the branding for Woodlot and developed a unique story for each of her everyday luxury products.

  • Learn how Daryl Hatton created the leading crowdfunding platform in Canada and reached an audacious goal of over $5M funds raised.

  • Meet Stefan Krepiakevich of Hootsuite and John Diack of Wavefront as they share the sales strategies that have led to millions in B2B software revenue.

  • See how to execute a successful pitch with Dr. Alexandra Greenhill (Co-Founder & CEO, MyBestHelper) and Lisa von Sturmer (Founder & CEO, Growing City) by getting insider look into how they respectively won Startup Weekend Vancouver and were featured on Dragon’s Den.

  • We also bring in customized mentors based on your needs and industry-specific questions! Check out our mentors page for more information.

Kick Instructors


Keith Ippel

With over 15 years experience as a leader in technology centric businesses, Keith has accelerated the growth of both small and large companies, launched new products, and raised over $20m in angel investment and venture capital.


Ilya Brotzky

Ilya has spent 4 year working in the startup community where he helped raise over $500,000 in seed funding, close over $300,000 in sales and attract tens of thousands of users. Most recently, he has moved home to Vancouver and is the Kick Director at Spring, where he facilitates Kick Vancouver cohorts, and is leading the charge on a rollout plan across Canada. He also founded VanHack, an online community that connects top Brazilian tech talent to Vancouver startups.

Perks of being a Kickster

Besides all the targeted startup education and mentorship provided through Kick, you also qualify for $100,000+ worth of free bonuses via the F6S Gold Plan!


Gold Card Value over $100,000

Some highlights include:

1 free year of free hosting at Rackspace

Value: $24,000

1 free year of free access to ZenDesk

Value: $1,000

Free Power Pack upgrade at 99 Designs

Value: $99

And much more! Ask us for details.


Early Bird First 5 : $750

General: $995

Student & Cofounder: $495

All sessions run from Tuesday & Thursday evenings


Broadcast live via GoToWebinar.

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