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Create an Online PPC Marketing Funnel for Your Service Based Business

Join us on January 10th for an intensive workshop on setting up a proven marketing campaign and funnel for your service based business. This workshop is intended for service-based businesses. e.g Roofers, dentist, Gyms, Language Schools, Lawyers, Plumbing etc. In This Workshop You Will Learn How To: Create a PPC Marketing …

Spring Activator Weekly Idea Roundup
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Weekly Marketing Roundup: January 8, 2018

In January, our team takes time to review and reflect on our marketing plan for the new year. In this roundup, you can read about marketing plans, strategy, content marketing, landing pages and email campaigns to get up to date with best practices for 2018.  1. The aftermath of the …

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How To Connect With Your Customers On Linkedin (Virtual Webinar)

LinkedIn is one of the most underutilized but powerful social networks today.   Whether you’re looking for your next customer, trying to build a relationship with investors, or you’re simply trying to become an authority in your industry, LinkedIn is a gold mine of opportunities, IF you know how to …

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How To Sell Effectively Without Feeling Like A Jerk

Shannon Ward and Spring are teaming up to show you how to sell effectively without feeling like a jerk. We’ll teach you how to sell based on what customers actually want, and how to foster communication between your company and your customers.

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Maximize Your Online Sales Conversions

Building a Landing Page for the first time? Not sure what a Landing Page is? Don’t have a web presence/website yet? Join us for an in-depth workshop on how to set up an amazing Landing Page, test, and optimize it for conversion.