Our Workshops

  • Learn how to sell B2B and build a repeatable sales process for your organization

    The Sales Workshop is a 5-hour intensive course which will help you build a sales process, understand the process of selling Business to Business (B2B), and provide you and your sales reps with fundamental sales training on techniques and methodologies.

    Graduate With

    • Discover how to approach sales in your own style.
    • Gain a clear understanding of industry best practices and what works best for your business.
    • Better understand buyer psychology and how to lead a customer to a close.
    • Learn what to look for in a good sales hire.
    • Create a repeatable baseline process that you can use to train and tool up other salespeople.
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  • Learn the ABC’s of funding for your round

    Walk through the process of raising capital for your business venture in our one-day weekend workshop. The 5-hour Funding Workshop is designed to give you the training, tools, and knowledge to ensure that you can raise the right money at the right time for your company.

    Graduate With

    • Clear understanding of the process of raising money for your business
    • Version 1 pitch deck with supplemental material for presenting and sharing with investors
    • Your target investor outlined
    • Developed investor sales funnel focused on high value investors
    • Clear understanding of current funding trends and options
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