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Learn the ABC’s of funding for your round

Walk through the process of raising capital for your business venture in our one-day weekend workshop. The 5-hour Funding Workshop is designed to give you the training, tools, and knowledge to ensure that you can raise the right money at the right time for your company.

Who is This For:

The Funding Workshop is designed for early stage, for-profit companies across a wide range of industries that have already launched their product or service. Generally, you are already or close to generating revenue, ready to seek external sources of funding to help accelerate your growth, and targeting to raise capital in the next 6 months (i.e. in the planning stages of your investment strategy).


  • Empower entrepreneurs with the tools on how to raise capital for their business
  • Cover all forms of capital, including equity, debt, grant, contest, and revenue
  • Understand the impact investing landscape
  • Eliminate mistakes and inefficiencies that often happen in a first-time capital raise
  • Establish a baseline pitch
  • Create an investor sales funnel
  • Prepare you for the funding process

Learning Outcomes:

The program systematically takes you through the funding process with pre-session content and in-session workshopping while outlining deliverables related to successfully completing an investment round.

By Joining the Funding Workshop, You Will:

  • Gain a clear understanding of the process of raising money for your business, as well as current funding trends and options
  • Complete your pitch deck with supplemental material for presenting and sharing with investors
  • Have your target investor outlined
  • Develop an investor sales funnel focused on high-value investors
  • Understand how to instill an impact framework for the business and fundraising pieces
  • Create feedback loops around targeted investor and partner introductions
  • Appreciate the nuances of negotiating and getting to a close
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