2023 Nimbus Synergies Founder Cohort


Introducing our Top Founders

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Advancement in our health ecosystem is critical to the well-being of our citizens, especially in the face of an aging population, COVID-19, chronic disease, inequitable access, and a host of other challenges. Solutions are found in a number of sub-sectors, including care delivery, diagnostic services, medical equipment and devices, women’s health, digital health, and mental health.

Alongside the public sector, private industries are a crucial source of innovation, delivery, and scale. Ideas and businesses are being born every day, and they need the support of early-stage capital to validate and grow them.

ElderPRIME Solutions Inc.

ElderPRIME is a revolutionary smartphone app for aging adults and their families to co-manage healthcare and empower seniors to live independently.

The app tracks symptoms, medications, and questions that are compiled into a simple agenda for the appointment. The app also records and transcribes doctor’s instructions, suggests symptoms to track, as well as provides drug interaction alerts through a partnership with DrugBank.

VanTech Med International Inc.

VanTech Med‘s flagship product, M.R VEIN, solves the prevalent issue of difficult intravenous (IV) access in healthcare settings, developing a cost effective and innovative medical device solution. M.R VEIN aims to reduce costs and time spent on IV insertions, unnecessary medical supply wastage associated with multiple insertion attempts, and eliminate negative patient experiences.

ezPT Technologies Ltd.

ezPT Tech develops clinical workflow solutions for physiotherapy clinics through a patient documentation software that uses Generative-AI to automate charting for physiotherapists, cutting documentation time by 70%. The goals are to reduce administrative burden, finish notes quicker than typing and dictation and provide more direct treatment time with patients to improve clinician productivity and patient outcomes.


Tickit Health is a forward-thinking digital health company revolutionizing youth mental health support. Through a unique Digital Empathy framework and robust, SOC-2 compliant platform, intuitive, multilingual tools are provided to over 2,500 users at 750+ sites, serving 100,000+ patients.

Edee Care Inc.

Edee is a pioneering provider of AI-powered epilepsy care solutions, serving a market of 65 million individuals worldwide. The platform integrates seamlessly with popular smartwatches, leveraging advanced algorithms to accurately forecast and detect seizures, empowering individuals with epilepsy to proactively manage their condition.


Brood is solving the care gap by providing in-person care for families of all kinds while offering sustainable, supportive career paths for care workers. The team of certified care workers provide life-saving and transformative care for new families, currently specialising in birth and right after.

FMRK Diagnostic Technologies Inc.

FMRK is an emerging diagnostic testing company in the decentralized healthcare space. By empowering community healthcare practitioners with the ability to conduct rapid and accurate diagnostic testing on-site, their device eliminates the need for samples to be sent to external laboratories reducing turnaround times, optimizing resource allocation, enhancing patient care, and improving overall healthcare efficiency.


There are more than 3 million people without access to safe menstrual care. This leads to mental and physical health challenges, such as vulva vaginal infections, UTI infections, and red rashes. joni is building an ecosystem in which sustainable menstrual care is accessible to everyone.

Tenzr Health

Tenzr Health helps clinics implement an efficient and effective Remote Therapeutic Monitoring program in order to increase revenue, capture new reimbursement and improve patient outcomes.

Eigen Fitness Inc.

Eigen offers online personal training to brick and mortar gyms, allowing gyms to sell to a customer segment that can afford to pay more than a basic gym membership but cannot afford expensive, in-person personal training. Clients wear the Eigen Fitness Nodes while they workout, giving clients live AI guidance that emulates in-person training, while sending key data back to the personal training software.

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