2023 Women Led Top Founders

Women Led Impact investor Challege Founder Cohort

Introducing our Top Founders

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Women led startups receive less than 3% of venture capital investments. Despite this, studies show that #investinginwomen yields higher returns on average. To get more funding moving into women led, impact-driven companies, our TELUS Women Led Impact Investor Challenge empowers aspiring and accredited impact investors to invest in companies that align with their values and target returns. 

Our team has curated a powerful cohort of founders, featuring a diverse set of companies that are taking on critical issues. Here they are:

Better Basics

We are on a mission to reduce plastic and toxins in the personal care industry. We make essential home and self care products that are better for you + the planet.

Conquer Experience

Applying our years of digital platform development and game design to high stakes Healthcare Training & Simulation.

Cove Neurosciences

Cove is a software platform for research acceleration that applies novel and scalable analysis tools to translate brain science data into functionally meaningful information and inform novel therapies for neurological and psychiatric disorders.


HerbiaEra simplifies and optimizes sustainable farming. Our solutions highly reduce environmental impact by replacing unsustainable substrates widely used by farmers.

HomeBAnx 3D

HomeBAnx is dedicated to creating 1 million affordable homes, focusing on empowering Black, Indigenous women, and the 2SLGBTQ community.

Hyon Software

From asset purchase through to end of life, Hyon uses proprietary technology to track the environmental impact of sustainable asset management.


We use technology based prompts that facilitate two-way communication, frees up valuable clinical care resources for those higher needs clients, and provides care to those that do not need hands on support.

Juno Technologies

Juno develops a compact, discreet and wearable device that alleviates menstrual pain quickly – for a lasting relief.

Knead Technologies

Knead Tech is a software company that enables simple food recovery through a white-label app to streamline food redirection, increase pounds of food rescued and ensure safe handling practices to meet the global challenge of food waste.


We are revolutionizing the colour industry by introducing a novel scalable technology to manufacture 100% sustainable dyes grown from microorganisms in a closed circular system.


Marlow is a new Gen Z period care brand that has created the first-ever lubricated tampon for smoother and more comfortable insertion.

Nura Medical

We are aiming to reduce medication errors in emergency medicine.


Poket is an intelligent field data collection and surveying software that can be configured for any type of field-data collection.

Teem Fish Monitoring

We are a worldwide leader in delivering technology-driven data and solutions that empower informed decision-making within the fisheries sector, serving industry stakeholders, regulatory bodies, and local communities.


We are on a mission to disrupt the ‘status quo’ for stroke risk prediction by eliminating errors in 2D ultrasound examination and subjective medical imaging interpretation.


With decades of experience in machine learning, virtual reality, and ophthalmology, RetinaLogik is on a mission to prevent vision loss for millions by making smarter vision screening more accessible for everyone, everywhere.

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