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Top Cleantech Founders Of Atlantic Canada in 2023

Atlantic Canada is not just a place of natural beauty; it’s a cradle of innovation where climate action is at the forefront of progress. This maritime region’s commitment to a healthier future for both its citizens and the planet is truly inspiring. Atlantic Canada is taking major strides in addressing climate change and sustainability. The region is harnessing its natural resources, research expertise, and collaborative spirit to create a greener future.

The Atlantic Canada Cleantech Scale-Up & Investment Challenge is partnered with Imaginal Ventures and Foresight Canada, funded by NRC IRAP and ACOA.

These are some of the ways Atlantic Canada is leading in climate action focused ventures throughout Canada:

Check out our Top Founders for the Atlantic Canada Cleantech Scaleup & Investment Challenge below!


With its innovative spirit, collaborative nature, and dedication to sustainability, Atlantic Canada is showing the world how to create a brighter, healthier, and more sustainable future.

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nditive3D Inc.

nditive3D Inc. is an innovative technology company at the forefront of real-time safety solutions for maritime and offshore operations. Founded in 2022, our mission is to revolutionize safety monitoring in high-risk environments through cutting-edge technology.

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At KorrAI (backed by YC), we measure ground motion (land subsidence) using satellites, identifying risks before they become disasters.

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Rayleigh Solar Tech

We were founded in 2016 by Dr. Sam March during his PhD studies at Dalhousie University. Rayleigh is working to commercialize the next generation of solar technology – lightweight, flexible, and low-cost solar panels.

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Drinkable has developed the world’s first accurate, affordable, and easy to use handheld water testing device for consumers.

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Leading-edge software to assess the viability of potential Anaerobic Digestion projects and to achieve optimal returns at existing plants.


PLAEX Building Systems Inc.

PLAEX Building Systems Inc. is committed to manufacturing environmentally responsible, simple, and innovative building materials made from unused and underused waste streams. By creating eco-friendly, sustainable, modular building solutions that will withstand storms, floods, earthquakes and insects, customers will save on time, labour, and energy costs while reducing their overall carbon footprint.  

3F Waste Recovery Logo

3F Waste Recovery

At 3F we help revive rural fishing communities by matching their supply with our biotechnologies for upcycling fish “waste” to make clean, sustainable, traceable products for the lucrative pet and human health markets.

Curious about investing in Atlantic Canada impact ventures? The Atlantic Canada Cleantech Scale-up & Investment Challenge may be for you.